Archives: February 2011 - Westworth United Church

Christmas: Virtual or Real

Rev. Mona Denton, Westworth United Church, December 24, 2010 Something that I had been afraid of for a few Christmases happened this year – the Digital Christmas Story.  I got the news first of all from my brother Peter – he sent me a link to a YouTube video that takes you on a somewhat …Read more

Discovering that God is with You

Rev. Mona F. Denton, Westworth United Church,  Sunday, January 16, 2011 Psalm 40:1-11; John 1:29-40 The next day John again was standing with two of his disciples,  and as he watched Jesus walk by, he exclaimed, ‘Look, here is the Lamb of God!’ Has this ever happened to you?  You’re looking everywhere for your car …Read more