Lenten Study on Mission

Mondays, 7:30-9:00 pm in the Parlour

We will be studying the World Council of Churches new mission statement: Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes. Each session will include Bible study and discussion on that day’s theme. People are welcome to come to one or all sessions.

March 10: Spirit of Mission: Breath of Life

  •  in a world of many spirits, how can we discern the action of the Holy Spirit?
  • what situations of poverty, oppression and blindness in our context call for transformation?
  • “Eco-justice cannot be separated from salvation and salvation cannot come without a new humility that respects the needs of all life on earth.”

March 24: Spirit of Liberation: Mission from the Margins

  • which groups of people might the Spirit call to be agents of mission in our context?
  •  which values, structures, systems, and practices in our community, church and society are anti-life and marginalizing?
  • what forms of “steadfast love, justice and righteousness” might delight the Lord in our context?

March 31: Spirit of Community: Church on the Move

  • what religious and cultural conditioning might hinder us from recognizing God’s Spirit at work in new and unexpected ways?
  •  in our context, what factors prevent the church from being united?
  • how is our church called to respond to migrant peoples?

April 7: Spirit of Pentecost: Good News for All- Cancelled until further notice  – Session Cancelled

  • does evangelism still have a place in our church? what is authentic evangelism?
  • how are we called to be converted? transformed?
  • “authentic mission makes the ‘other’ a partner in, not an ‘object’ of mission”