July 1 Bulletin

Westworth United Church

1750 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

on Treaty One Territory in the heart of the Métis Nation


6th Sunday after Pentecost

Canada Day, July 1, 2018


Joint Service with St. Andrews River Heights United Church


We Gather to Worship

Welcome and Announcements

Acknowledgement of Treaty 1

Candle-Lighting & Prelude:        “Récit”            Denis Bédard  (Canadian)

Opening Prayer VU 525

Hymn VU 303 “For Beauty of Prairies”     Walter Farquharson  (ST DENIO)


Prayer of Confession

      When we feel a tinge of unease

            with the different traditions of newcomers,

      Remind us, Creator, that settlers were once newcomers

            bringing their different traditions.

      When we feel protective over our properties,

      Remind us, Creator, that we are but tenants

            on this land of yours.

      Help us never to take this country of Canada for granted.

      Help us honour this land and its peoples,

            in all their diversity.


Meditative Silence


Words of Assurance

The Peace of Christ

One: May the peace of Christ be with you.

All: And also with you.

(Please extend to others a blessing of peace with words such as,

“Peace be with you,” or “Peace,” with the response, “And also with you.”


We Hear the Word

Responsive Reading VU 816 “Psalm 96” (without refrain)


Gospel Reading: Genesis 11:1-9

This is testimony to the Word.

      Thanks be to God.

      Sung Response:  VU 840 “Your Word is a Lamp”


Musical Offering:       “Shall We Gather at the River”   Donald Busarow

                                      Martin Robson, Tenor


Sermon:                      “Our Intercultural Land”


We Respond

Song: “This Land is Your Land,”      Canadian version, The Travellers, 1955



Offertory:     “Love Ballade”                       Oscar Peterson (Canadian)

Dedication Hymn VU 540 “Grant Us, God”

Offertory Prayer


The Sacrament of Holy Communion: Canada Day Liturgy

            (Communion Setting Kingsfold, MV 203)


May God be with you.

And also with you.

Lift up your hearts.

We lift them up to God.

Let us give thanks to God most holy.

It is right to give God thanks and praise.


Loving Creator, your Word is the impulse for all things to be:

for space, stars, and stardust to appear,

for Earth to emerge from the deep,

and for life to be born of Earth.


Your Spirit is the life force in all things,

restoring the broken and healing the wounded,

groaning in anticipation of a new creation,

stirring with new life born of water and the Spirit.


You chose to be born a human being,

to become a part of Earth,

to suffer, die, and rise from death to redeem humankind,

to renew creation,

and to reconcile all born of Earth and the Spirit.


Therefore with settlers, newcomers and Indigenous peoples

from coast to coast to coast of this country of Canada,

from ages past and from the present, we sing your praise:


♪O holy, holy holy God, O God of time and space.

All earth and sea and sky above bear witness to your grace. Hosanna in the highest heav’n, creation sings your praise.

And blessed is the One who comes

and bears your name always!


On the night before Jesus died, he had supper with his disciples.  He took bread, thanked you as we have thanked you,

broke the bread and gave it to his friends, saying,

“Take this, all of you, and eat it.  This is my body given for you.  Each time you eat this bread, remember me.”


After supper he took the wine, thanked you for it,

and passed a cup of wine to his friends, saying

“This cup is the new promise God has made with you in my blood.  Each time you drink from this cup, remember me.”


In the bread broken and the cup poured,

we proclaim the good news of Christ

that restores to memory and hope

those who are broken and unremembered.

We long for the bread of tomorrow

and the wine of the age to come.

Therefore, as we eat this bread and drink this cup,

we sing life and love to one another and to the world:


♪Sing Christ has died and Christ is risen,

Christ will come again!

Sing Christ has died and Christ is risen,

Christ will come again!


At this time, we also remember

all with whom you would have us share your feast.

We pray for those recovering from trauma and ptsd: survivors of the residential schools, survivors of abuse, refugees who have fled from horror, veterans who have witnessed the horror.

We pray for those who experience discrimination on the basis of their skin colour, their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their class, their abilities and their health.

We pray for those in the service of this country: members of the armed forces, the police, emergency response teams, social workers and teachers, nurses and doctors.

Grant those in leadership positions of our country and of our church wisdom and compassion for those who live in poverty and on the margins of our society.


With the words Jesus taught us, we now pray to God,

our Mother and our Father,

who art in heaven

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;

and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us;

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

for thine is the kingdom,

the power, and the glory,

forever and ever.



Come, life-giving Spirit of God,

bring us together in unity at your table.

Shower us with your grace that we may know,

in the depths of our being,

that each one of us is dearly loved and warmly welcomed

to this table of healing and wholeness.

May these gifts of life be a sign of your grace to us.


Through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory is yours,

God most holy, now and forever.


♪Amen, amen, O Holy One! Hosanna and Amen!

Amen, amen, O Holy One, Hosanna and Amen!



Sharing the Bread and the Cup

The gifts of God for the people of God.

Everyone who follows Jesus Christ, no matter what church you belong to, is welcome to come to this table.

Come, for all things are now ready.


Prayer after Communion

We give thanks that bread broken and wine poured brings new hope to our United Church of Canada as we offer ourselves to you as servants of reconciliation within our country and within our world.  Amen.


Hymn VU 524            “O Canada”

The original words of the second line, written in 1908, were, “thou dost in us”. This was changed in 1914 to “in all thy sons”. The third word change to “in all of us” was made official through Royal Proclamation on Feb. 7, 2018.



Choral Response:            “Hallelujah”                                  ST. GEORGE’S

Postlude:               “Trinitas”                              Eleanor Daley (Canadian)



Minister:  Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd          westworthminister@gmail.com

204 489-6974 Ext. 22

Director of Music:  Debbie McLeod                           Organist:  Dorcas Windsor

Minister Emerita:  Eleanor Geib

Coordinator of Children, Youth & Family Ministries:               Maggie Barnett

204 489-6974 Ext. 23                                               churchschool@westworth.ca

Office Administrator:  Heather Lavery                               office@westworth.ca

Church Phone # 204 489-6974 Ext. 20                                 www.westworth.ca

Church Accountant:  Jenny Jeffers              churchaccountant@westworth.ca


Usher:  Arlene Hintsa

Scripture Reader:  Colleen Watters from St. Andrews RHUC


This week at Westworth

Welcome to our guests from St. Andrews RH United Church.

The office will be closed Monday, July 2 for Canada Day.


Other Announcements

Summer Office Hours starting June 1 until after Labour Day, except the month we are closed, and are from 9:00am-3:00pm, closed at 12:30-1:30pm for lunch. The office will be closed July 19-Aug. 17.

Westworth Vacation Bible School

  • August 27th – August 31st  from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Cost: $75.00/child/Full Day week; ages 4-12
  • Theme: A Road Trip with Mary and Joseph – The Christmas Story
  • Registration forms: contact Maggie or Heather in the office or online at www.westworth.ca


Summer Schedule:

Our worship service will begin at 10:30 am from June 17 – September 2. It will resume at 11:00 am as of September 9.

We will be sharing summer worship with St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church this year. They will close for June 24-July 15 and encourage their congregants to attend Westworth United Church during this time.

While Loraine is attending General Council as a Commissioner July 20-29 and is on holidays in August, Westworth will be closed July 19-Aug.12 and our congregants are encouraged to attend St. Andrew’s River Heights. Their service time is at 10:30 am. Westworth office will open again on Monday, August 20 and services will resume at Westworth. Rev. Don Ross will lead us in worship Aug. 19 and Rev. Heather Robbins will lead in worship Aug. 26.

For emergency pastoral care from now until July 19, please call Rev. Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd at home 204 775-8817. From July 20-August 25, please call Rev. Karen Lumley, minister at St. Andrew’s River Heights, on her cell at (204) 250-5073. From August 25-28, please call Rev. Heather Robbins at (204) 889-7609 (home) or (204) 295-1542 (cell). Loraine will return Aug. 29.


Great news! Westworth has just been awarded three grants, of $1,000 each, from the Winnipeg Foundation, Winnipeg Presbytery and the United Church Foundation, to hold a full day workshop on Wednesday, Oct. 10 on De-escalating Conflict for service providers, interfaith partners, community ministries volunteers, congregants and community. Karen Ridd will be co-facilitating this with a colleague. More info re: registration will come soon.

Also, Loraine has just received a Rowntree Scholarship from the United Church Foundation to assist with her sabbatical plans and travels for next year, May-July 2019, when she will be travelling across Canada visiting United Churches that are thriving. She will be asking how they attribute their success.


At the upcoming meeting of the 43rd General Council in Oshawa July 22-27, we will be discussing many hot topics in various proposals from across the United Church. They will include considering Israel an apartheid state and applying boycott, divestments & sanctions to Israel as a whole, changing the wording of the faith statement for candidates for ordination & commissioning to a broader understanding of God, changing the requirement for church membership from a profession to faith to an intent to belong to community, the Caretakers Report from an Indigenous council of Elders that calls for changes in the United Church, support for mental health, implications for becoming an intercultural church, and addressing the rural crisis (about half of our Conference’s rural pastoral charges are without ministry personnel). See the online workbook for details: https://generalcouncil43.ca

Loraine will be a commissioner at General Council and invites anyone who would like to discuss General Council topics to meet after church in the parlour at Westworth July 8 and 15. Please bring a bag lunch.


Loraine will be participating in the fundraising Alvin Dixon Memorial walk early Sunday morning, July 22, just before the beginning of General Council. This walk will raise money to support Indigenous education. For more info about Alvin Dixon, see following. To donate for Loraine’s fundraising, please use this link, or email Loraine to receive it. https://www.canadahelps.org/me/6TMUjrk


Who was Alvin Dixon?

Alvin William Dixon, a respected Heiltsuk First Nation Elder, was born on June 10, 1937. At age 10, Alvin was taken from his family to the Alberni Indian Residential School on Vancouver Island. After surviving years of abuse he graduated, and then enrolled at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver as one of six First Nations students at the school.

Alvin was a strong activist and held roles with the Native Brotherhood of British Columbia and, especially, with the United Church, beginning as a member of British Columbia Conference staff and supporting the BC Native Ministries Council.

At the time of his death, he was serving as the BC Conference lay representative to the Executive of the General Council (GCE). He served on the Moderator’s Advisory Committee and the Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Committee. He was one of the founders of the Native Ministries Consortium and the Native Ministries program at the Vancouver School of Theology. Alvin was the first Indigenous chair (2005‒2014) of the Residential Schools Steering Committee (renamed in 2011 as the Committee of Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools).

Alvin died of cancer on July 20, 2014, in Vancouver. His two sons, two daughters, six grandchildren, two sisters, and brother survive him.

Throughout his life, Alvin quietly worked behind the scenes to improve the lives of First Nations people in many areas, including those involved in the

First Nations fishery and First Nations youth. Alvin worked to raise awareness with Canadians about the experiences of Indigenous children in residential schools in his role through the BC Indian Residential Schools Survivors Society.


Save the date. Aug. 30, 5:30pm Westworth’s First Open House & Barbecue

Barbecued food supplied by the Pork Marketing Board. Please join us.



  1. West Broadway Pantry  There are specific needs right now that include small jars of Peanut Butter (500 ml or less); Cheese Whiz, tinned meat, especially tuna, but also chicken, ham and salmon;  pasta sauce; pork and beans; granola bars. Always gratefully received are travel size toothpaste, shampoo, and soap, as well as personal hygiene products. Thank you Westworth for your continued and generous support of the guests at West Broadway!


Community News (please check bulletin board by the elevator)

  • Art From the Attic! Grands ‘n’ More Winnipeg has volunteers ready to pick up donated art for their Art Sale. Please call 204 599-8787 or email gnmAFTA@gmail.com. All proceeds go to the Grandmothers Campaign supporting African grandmothers who are caring for 17 million children orphaned by AIDS, this is part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The Sale will take place Sunday, Sept. 30 10:30-4:00pm at Norwood CC at 87 Walmer St.


  • In honour of the 200th centenary of the St. Boniface Archdiocese, they are holding an ecumenical service that will include Indigenous ceremony. They have invited Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd, past chair of Winnipeg Presbytery, and Anglican Bishop Don Phillips to share in the preaching in the Boniface Cathedral on Friday, July 13, at 7:30 pm (see poster). On Sunday, they will be re-enacting the signing of treaties with cultural events throughout the day, concluding with a free evening concert at 7:30 pm inspired by the Indigenous Seven Teachings. Performers will include Tom Jackson, Connie Kaldor, Heather Bishop, Martha Wainwright and the World Village Music Choir.


Minute for Mission

Radical Welcome

United Church partner Affirm United offers a process, the Affirming Ministry Program, to help all ministries truly welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Our gifts for Mission & Service support the Affirming process. Our planning and conversations are made possible by your support for Mission & Service.

Any ministry in the United Church can become Affirming, but so far there are no Affirming outdoor ministries or camps. Camping experiences can offer spaces filled with friendship, faith, community, and a deep appreciation of God’s diverse world. But sometimes differences can create barriers. Campers or staff with diverse ethnicities, economic statuses, sexual orientations, and gender identities or expressions can be pushed to the side, even unintentionally.

This year, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the church’s 1988 decision to welcome LGBTQ+ people into full membership and ministry, all United Church outdoor and camping ministries have been invited to consider becoming Affirming. In an exciting pilot project, three United Church camping ministries have agreed to test the Affirming Ministry Program and to work with Affirm United to develop a process that can easily be used with all outdoor ministries.

In the future, we hope to hear more words like these from a camper at the United Church’s Camp Kidston in Nova Scotia: “[Here] I felt truly safe and free to be who I am. I began to understand that I am part of creation, a reflection of the Divine—all of me—acceptable and loved.”

We hope that our United Church Outdoor/Camping Ministries will publicly and intentionally embrace all differences.


If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.