Maundy Thursday April 18th bulletin

Communion Meal of Remembrance

Thursday, April 18, 2019


First Reading: Mark 14:12-16




Hymn VU 458 “Christ, Let Us Come with You” vs. 1 & 2


  1. Christ, let us come with you

to the upper room where the feast is laid,

to the bread and wine where our peace is made:

Christ, let us come with you!


  1. Teach us your serving love:

to become as friends, to become as one

that the world believe what your life has done:

teach us your serving love.


Proceed to the Prepared Table


Prayer of Thanks


Sharing the Meal


The Great Thanksgiving

 (adapted from Aboriginal Communion service written by Rev. Karen Lumley and North End Stella Community Ministry)


Gitchi Manitou, companion of our journey and light of the world.

When you breathed on all of creation and set humanity on its feet,

You blessed us all and invited us into covenant with you.

You gave us signs of your promise—the rainbow, the burning bush, the sacred fire and the lodge.

You traveled with your people across the barren land and through paths of water.

You provided food in the wilderness and water in the wastelands.

Even when we were exiled and scattered, you did not abandon us.

You accompanied us in the presence of teachers, elders and wise ones.

Even when our feet strayed from the trusted paths, you reached for us and gently coaxed us back.


Twas in the moon of wintertime we have journeyed.

Spirit continues to walk with us and show us the way.

The Creator provides elders to guide us through the tough times that lie ahead.


And so with all our relatives we sing Mother Earth’s Song of praise to the Creator. Blessed is the one who comes in the Creator’s name.


We hear the echoes of long ago:

the cries of a new born babe in a lodge of broken bark.

the sounds of sheep and murmurs of wandering hunter braves and chiefs from afar.

A mother’s lullaby crooning in the dark of night.

And the soft brush of angel’s wings.

These are the echoes in the lodges of our hearts.


One day this child will turn the world upside down.

He will listen to the elders of his time, and witness the suffering of his people.

The one named Jesus the Christ will show us a pathway to healing and reconciliation:


Christ, who died, Christ, who is risen, Christ who will come again.


Meals shared with friends and strangers,

Stories blended with laughter and tears

Bannock broken, wine pored, and love shared.


Spirit of God, bless the cup and the bread;

bless our communion with one another;

bless each of us as we continue the journey, begun so long ago, taking an age-old tradition and transforming it into something new. Help us claim courage in the face of danger,

healing in times of sorrow,

and the strength of community to mend a broken world.




Second Scripture Reading: Mark 14:22-25


Jesus Christ bread of life.  Jesus Christ, the cup of blessing.

Sharing of the Bread and Cup


Closing Prayer


Hymn VU 458 “Christ, Let Us Come with You” vs. 3 & 4


  1. Jesus, forgive us all

that we use your name though we stand apart,

we refuse your prayer to be one at heart:

Jesus, forgive us all.


  1. Christ of the open hands,

you have brought us close to be loved and fed,

you have touched our life, now you walk ahead:

Christ, let us come with you!


Third Scripture Reading: Mark 14:26