July 14 Bulletin

Westworth United Church

1750 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

on Treaty One Territory in the heart of the Métis Nation

5th Sunday After Pentecost: July 14, 2019

We Gather to Worship

Welcome and Announcements

Candle Lighting and Prelude: “Song of Community” CAROLYN MCDADE     


Call to Worship

“Do not pass me by,” the stranger cries, hungry from lack of food.

We are neighbours to those in need of nourishment.

“Do not pass me by,” the person on the street cries, no place to go after they’ve been evicted.

We are neighbours to those in need of shelter.

“Do not pass me by,” the bruised and beaten partner cries, trapped in an abusive relationship.

We are neighbours to those in need of protection.

“Do not pass me by,” the LGBTQ teenager cries, after their family rejects them for who they are.

We are neighbours to those in need of belonging.

“Do not pass me by,” a child living in a First Nation community cries, unable to access safe drinking water.

We are neighbours to those in need of justice.

“Do not pass me by,” the refugee cries, fleeing death and destruction, their home unrecognizable now.

We are neighbours to those in need of safe shores.

“Do not pass me by,” Jesus cries, whose face is reflected in all who are oppressed, victimized, beset by tragedy, and in need.

We are neighbours to the stranger among us to whom we are called to be radically hospitable.

May we go and do likewise.


Prayer of Approach

Hymn: VU 600 “When I Needed a Neighbour”                   NEIGHBOUR

Children’s Time


Hymn: MV 145   “Draw the Circle Wide”

The Peace of Christ

One: May the peace of Christ be with you.

All: And also with you.

(Please extend to others a blessing of peace with words such as, “Peace be with you,” or “Peace,” with the response, “And also with you.”

Following the Passing of the Peace, the children may go to the upper classroom if accompanied by an adult.  Otherwise, they are welcome to stay in the sanctuary.  Activity packs are available at the back of the sanctuary as well as books, puzzles and colouring materials in library.)


Prayer of Confession

We come in confession for our lack of love.

We have neither loved ourselves nor our neighbours as fully as we might.

We have passed by suffering because of fear or busyness or preoccupation.

We have held prejudices against people as deep as those against the Samaritans.

      Meditative Silence

Words of Assurance


We Hear the Word

Responsive Reading: VU 799 Psalm 82

Scripture Lesson: Luke 10:25-37

This is the Gospel of Christ.

Thanks be to God.

Sung Response: VU 840, Refrain 5 “Your Word is a Lamp”


Musical Offering: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”                        J.S. BACH

Westworth Choir Women’s Ensemble

Jesu, joy of man’s desiring. Holy wisdom, love most bright.
Drawn by thee, our souls aspiring soar to uncreated light.
Word of God, our flesh that fashioned with the fire of life impassioned. Striving still to truth unknown. Soaring, dying round thy throne.

Sermon:       A Love That Heals

We Respond

Hymn: MV 89   “Love Is The Touch”                                        AMOR DEI



Offertory: “Come Touch Our Hearts”

Dedication Hymn : VU 540 “Grant Us, God, the Grace”

Offertory Prayer


Prayers of the People

Prayer Introit: VU 400 “Lord, Listen to your Children”

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession

The Lord’s Prayer VU 921


“Song of Community”                                                            CAROLYN MCDADE


Choral Benediction: “Hallelujah”                                               ST. GEORGE’S

Postlude: “One More Step Along the World I Go”                   SOUTHCOTE


Thank you to Candace Maxymowich, for leading us in worship while Loraine is on sabbatical May-July. Rev. Earl Gould is offering pastoral care during this time and may be reached at (204) 888-1543 (home), (204) 795-7535 (cell) or ejgould45@shaw.ca


Minister:  Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd      (on sabbatical May 1st – July 31st)

westworthminister@gmail.com                                             204 489-6974 Ext. 22

Director of Music: Debbie McLeod   Cherub Choir Director: Jewel Casselman

Organist:  Dorcas Windsor          Westworth Winds Director:  Ray McClelland

Minister Emerita:  Eleanor Geib

Coordinator of Children, Youth & Family Ministries:               Maggie Barnett

204 489-6974 Ext. 23                                              churchschool@westworth.ca

Office Administrator:  Heather Lavery                               office@westworth.ca

Church Phone # 204 489-6974 Ext. 20                                 www.westworth.ca

Church Accountant:  Jenny Jeffers              churchaccountant@westworth.ca

Ushers:  Shirley W., Janet S.                                                         Guitar: Alan W.

Scripture Reader:  Iris M., St. Andrew’s River Heights UC (SARH)

Leading Worship:  Candace Maxymowich



SUMMER SERVICES start at 10:25 am.

THANKS to Alan Wilson for sharing his musical talents this summer

MAY – JULY PASTORAL CARE Rev. Earl Gould is available for pastoral care needs while Loraine is on sabbatical. Earl plans to be in Loraine’s office Thursday mornings (204-489-6974, ext 22).  At other times, Earl is available at 204 888-1543 (home) or 204 795-7535 (cell).

OFFICE HOURS Heather continues on a graduated return to work program and is in the office full days on Monday, Tuesday and Friday and in the afternoons Wed. and Thur.  Andrea covers Wed and Thur. mornings.

Summer office hours: July – Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm.  August – CLOSED


LORRAINE’S BLOG: https://thrivingunitedchurches.home.blog  (Live link in the congregational email sent earlier; print out in the narthex.)  This is the last installment of her blog.  “Over the next few weeks, I will be sifting through my notes and recommended readings to identify patterns and common threads amongst thriving churches.  In September, I will present these to Westworth . . . I anticipate this collection of insights will make its way into some kind of printed format that will be available to those (interested) . . . ”



In July, there will be a children’s time in the Worship Service.  Following Children’s Time, the Upper Classroom is available for parents and children who wish to hear the service and be able to play. Please note that parents must supervise their children.  Children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary; a variety of children’s packets are available at the back.

SUMMER VBS Heaven’s Kitchen – Foods of the Bible Aug 26th-Aug 30th.  VBS curriculum 9 am-1 pm; fun activities 1 pm-4 pm.  Full or part days. Subsidies, bursaries and family rates available.  Registration forms at the church, or on website.

upcoming events


Loraine is on sabbatical May-July, travelling across Canada visiting and learning from thriving United Churches. We are grateful to retired ministers and laity in our midst who will be leading us in worship at this time.


St. Andrew’s River Heights (SARH) United Church will be coming to Westworth for all of July.  During Loraine’s holidays in August, Westworth will go to SARH, 255 Oak St. for worship.  (The service starts at 10:30 a.m.) We will conclude our joint worship with SARH folk at their church Sept. 1st with Rev. Karen Lumley preaching and Loraine leading in communion.  After Sept 1st, we return to our respective congregations for regular worship.


SAVE THE DATE August 29th, 5:30 pm Westworth’s

Second Open House & Barbecue Barbecued food supplied by the Pork Marketing Board  ($5 per person). Donations of salads, vegetables and desserts requested. Watch for sign up sheets in the narthex in August. Beverages provided.  Children’s menu available. Please join us.

Westworth’s annual Bazaar and Luncheon will be on October 26, 2019. The Treasure Table team has already been hard at work washing, packaging and pricing items for this event. This area sells small house wares, ornaments, candles, jewelry, jig saw puzzles, toys, women’s dress scarves, Christmas decorations and so much more! If you have items to donate, please get in touch with Nancy Doern-White. Items can be dropped off at the church during the summer, in the lower storage area under the west stairs, and should be marked “Treasure Table 2019”.   Books, crafts and “like new” items should be marked “General Store 2019”.



July and August are always a lean time for WBCM as people are often away.   Shelves are full of Kraft Dinner, but other priority items are greatly needed.

If you will be away and are unable to donate to the pantry buckets, please consider a monetary donation. Please  make cheques payable to Westworth UC with “WBCM Pantry” on the memo line. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  1. BILL C-262 Sad News: Westworth, along with United Church people from across the country have worked for more than three years to support Bill C-262, which would have been a vehicle to harmonize Canadian law with the UN Declaration. Among other things, it would have helped to create a nation-to-nation framework for decision-making on issues like the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Unfortunately, despite its passage through the House of Commons, Bill C-262 was opposed and delayed by a small number of senators, and died at third reading when the Senate rose for summer break on June 21st, National Indigenous Peoples Day. Please see the letter from our Moderator on the Outreach Board for further information.

3.  CIRCLES FOR RECONCILIATION: Westworth and St. Andrews River Heights members are encouraged to register for our upcoming Circle at West Broadway Community Ministry (WBCM) 222 Furby St. on Fridays September 6 – November 8, 2019 @ 10:00 am to 11:30 am. It is very important that all participants make the commitment to all ten sharing circles. A certain bond happens in the circles and it is important that the circle at most times have the right complement of participants. However, life does happen, family emergencies and so forth, so it often happens that participants are forced to miss a week.  To register, go to http://circlesforreconciliation.caand click on the Register icon. Fill out your identifying information.  In the section ‘Neighbourhoods’, indicate you wish to register for the Westworth Circle starting Sept. 6th. Or, contact Ingrid Dowan for assistance at idowan@shaw.ca.  Questions? Contact Marion M. at 204-269-5292 or marionlynne@shaw.ca.

community news (More info on bulletin board by elevator)

  • Churchill Park UC – Community BBQ Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. Free
  • Camp Genesis LGBTQ* friendly arts camp for 7 – 12 year olds July 29th – Aug 2nd. Info: smrucartscamp.wixsite.com/campgenesis.
  • Cuban Visitors at Churchill Park – celebrations include:
  • July 28th– 10 AM updates on partner church. Light lunch after – $10.
  • PotluckJuly 30th at 5:30 p.m. where Nacyra Gomez will share activities of the Casa del Cariño centre, its outreach ministry, life in Cuba today and answer questions. Bring a favourite dish if you can.
  • July 31st at 5 p.m. weekly CPUC community BBQ for Nacyra and her grandchildren
  • Grands ‘n’ More Giant Art Sale – Sept 29th Norwood Community Centre.  New, recycled art.  Donations welcome Info: 204-270-8447

Grounded in Love

1JustCity at St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry (SMMCM) builds community well-being, works for justice, and nurtures hope in individuals and families in west central Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The program attempts to balance meeting basic needs, enabling personal transformation, and working for social change through a variety of initiatives. These include everything from offering an emergency food program for families, to small collaborative economic initiatives that help people learn employment skills.

The Artist’s Circle provides a venue and supplies for soulful creative time. No experience is necessary, and people mentor and teach each other. SMMCM receives 9,000 visits a year to its drop-in space where people come to be filled— with snacks, the joy of someone who cares, the worth of someone listening, and a sense of belonging.

Your Mission & Service gifts support ministries like SMMCM.