Building Bridges

On Friday, October 14, Westworth United Church will hold a fantastic free workshop for the members of Westworth United Church, local not for profit service providers, school councillors in our area, student leaders, parent council representatives, and sport and recreation organizations.

The workshop has been developed by Amanda Younka and the Outreach Committee as part of our ongoing commitment to exploring relationships in our neighbourhood.

The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to engage in activities and discussions intended to foster greater understanding of the ever changing community of River Heights.

Amanda has engaged outstanding speakers, Marian Cerelli, Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud, and Dr. Grace Kyoon – Achan to inform and to encourage conversation about crucial issues in our neighbourhood. They will address important topics such as what it means to be “privileged”, the impact of poverty, experiences and solutions for Indigenous learners, and perspectives and settlement trends of New Comers to Canada.

The workshop will be a safe place for participants to ask questions and will give a deeper understanding of our changing community.

This workshop is free, but space is limited.  Registration deadline is Friday October 7. We encourage you to join the ongoing commitment of Westworth to build “bridges of understanding”!

For further information, please pick up a brochure in the narthex, or speak to any member of your Outreach Committee.