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Risking Faith, Daring Hope

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd          GC 43                                                Sept. 23, 2018 Isaiah 58:6-9a My sermon today is more of a reflection on the highlights of the United Church’s national General Council …Read more

But Who do You Say I am?

Earl Gould                                                                            Sept. 16, 2018 Year B, Seventeenth after Pentecost Text: Mark 8:27-38   I asked that we …Read more

De-Escalation Workshop

Westworth United Church

In response to the recent shifts in public displays of aggression, the Westworth United Church Outreach Team and its partners has developed a fantastic FREE workshop. The workshop will highlight the importance of de-escalation, how to recognize a potential conflict, and take appropriate actions. Participants will be engaged with discussion and activities to foster an …Read more

Heart Alignment   

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                          Sept. 2, 2018 Mark 7:1-8, 14-16, 21-23; James 1:19-27   If we want our cars to last, we know that we need to look after them. Regular servicing, fluid changes and wheel alignments all extend the life the car. (You’ll …Read more