Lessons and Carols

Westworth United Church

Lessons and Carols

December 16, 2018      7:00 pm

Our service will proceed unannounced, as indicated in the bulletin.

* Please stand for the congregational hymns if you are able.

Gathering Music:  “Twelve Christmas Hymns and Carols.” 

                                                WestworthWinds          arr. Patrick Rivers

Welcome and Announcements

Prelude:                    “Joy to the World”                             arr. S. Nestic

                                                Westworth Winds

Call to Worship

Joy rings out through the world

As we prepare to welcome the Christ Child.

We set our feet on the path of peace,

We open our hearts to the way of love,

We turn our gaze to the humble stable in Bethlehem

As we gather courage to follow the Bright Morning Star.

With joy, we hear the ancient story.

With joy, we join our hearts in worship.

*Processional Hymn:  VU 62  “Once in Royal David’sCity” IRBY

                                                        SOLOIST: Sara Gossen

Gathering Prayer                                                         Teresa S.

The Lessons

First Lesson:        Genesis 1:1-12, 22-23                          Maggie B.

                                     (Adam’s Fall)

Anthem:   “Adam Lay Y-Bounden”

                                                               15th Century text, music Hubert Bird

Second Lesson:     Isaiah 9: 2, 6-7                                      Earl G.

                                                (Jesus’ birth is foretold)

*Hymn:   VU 54  “Unto Us a Boy is Born”,v.1,2,4

                                                                                    PUER NOBIS NASCITUR

Third Lesson:     Isaiah 40:1-8                                           Petra T.

                                                (Words of comfort to Israel)

*Hymn:  VU 18 “There’s A Voice in the Wildernes Crying” ASCENSION

Fourth Lesson:     Micah 5:2-4                                      Kathy W.

                                                (The glory of little Bethlehem is foretold) 

Anthem:   “O Little Town of Bethlehem”                WalfordDavies

                        SOLOIST: Christina Thanisch-Smith

Fifth Lesson:     from Baruch 4 & 5                              Gordon M.

                                                (Jerusalem is assured of help)

*Hymn: VU 9  “People Look  East”                                  BESANÇON


Offertory:   “Sussex Carol”  and “Rocking Carol”      Peter Crisafulli

Dorcas Windsor, organ and Bettina Numan, flute

Dedication Hymn:                     VU 55“In the Bleak Midwinter” v.4

Offertory Prayer

Sixth Lesson: Luke 1:26-35, 38                                               Paul C.

                                                (The angel Gabriel visits Mary)   

Anthem:   “Companions, All Sing Loudly”                      John Mochnick

Seventh Lesson: Luke 2:1-7                                                  Peter S.

                                    (The birth of Jesus)

*Hymn: VU 71 “Twas in the Moon of Wintertime”

                                                                                            JESOUS AHATONHIA

Cherub & Senior Choirs:   “Il est né”      French Carol, arr. Kupferschmid

Eighth Lesson: Luke 2:8-20                                                    Elaine P.

                           (Shepherds visit the manger)

*Hymn:  VU 75 “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks”

                                                                                                                 WINCHESTER OLD

Cherub Anthem:   “Star Carol”                                              John Rutter

Ninth Lesson:  John 1: 1-14               Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd

                                    (John unfolds the great mystery

Anthem:                     “Birthday Carol”                          David Willcocks

*Closing Hymn:   VU 59   “Joy To the World”                         ANTIOCH


Postlude:                     “Adeste Fideles”                  arr. James D. Ployhar


Please Note:

You are kindly asked not to take photos or use

 recording devices during the service.

Thank you.

Accompanist & Organist                                                              Dorcas Windsor

Conductor, Cherub Choir                                                           Jewel Casselman

Conductor, Westworth Winds                                                    Ray McClelland

Director of Music                                                                            Debbie McLeod

Minister                                                                    Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd

Coordinator of Children, Youth

                        and Family Ministries                                             Maggie Barnett

Ushers                                                                       Walter Watts and Janet Sealey

Thank you for joining us in worship and reflection this evening. 

Thank you also for your ongoing support of the music program at Westworth United Church.

Tonight’s offering will be equally divided to support both our Choral Scholarship Programand Westworth’s General Fund. This year’s choral scholars are ChristinaT.-S. (soprano) and Austin W. (tenor).


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Sharing our favourite carols

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