Archives: May 2019 - Westworth United Church

Whose Voice are you Listening to?

Sermon May 12, 2019:                                               Marilyn Anderson Corkum   A man decided his wife was getting hard of hearing. So he called her doctor to make an appointment to have her hearing checked. The …Read more

Barbecue and Open House

The 2nd annual Westworth Community BBQ will be on August 29th at 5.30pm. Pork on a bun supplied by the Pork Marketing Board. Admission $5.00.

Our Damascus Road

Rev. Earl M. Gould Sunday, May 05, 2019    Text: Acts 9:1-20 Luke likes this account of Paul’s dramatic experience on the road to Damascus so much he tells it three times in the Book of Acts. Luke is credited for being organized – so it must have been very important to him. And it …Read more

Loraine’s Blog

Our Minster, Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd, will spend her sabbatical visiting United Church  congregations that are thriving to try to find out what makes them thrive. She plans to do a blog post every week to share some of her discoveries. Check her blog to stay updated: Those of us not able to access her …Read more