Jan. 26 Bulletin

Westworth United Church

1750 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

on Treaty One Territory in the heart of the Métis Nation

3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Jan. 26, 2020


We Gather to Worship

Welcome and Announcements

Candle-Lighting & Prelude:  “Prayer”                W.A. Mozart, arr. J. Blake

Introit:      “You Are the Light”                 K. Bible, T. Fettke, arr. D. McLeod

FLUTE: Bettina Nyman


Opening Prayer

God-Light, you come in the form of a child.  In wisdom and innocence, you are with us.  You who were from the beginning, who pulled the world out of chaos and established the galaxies, restore to us the mystery of life.

God Incarnate, flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone, our song, our strength, we would drink from your well.

Visit us in the winters of our discontent.  Shine light on our paths.

Draw us close as we worship this day.

                                                      Gathering 2019-20  Gail Corbett


Hymn VU 679                  Let There Be Light                               CONCORD


Children’s Story


We’ve got the whole world in our hands x3

We’ve got the whole world in our hands!


She’s got the sun and the moon in her hands x3

She’s got the whole world in her hands!


He’s got the mountains and valleys in his hands x3

He’s got the whole world in his hands!


She’s got the plains and the deserts in her hands, x3

She’s got the whole world in her hands!


They’ve got the lakes and the rivers in their hands X3

They’ve got the whole world in their hands!


She’s got the trees and the flowers in her hands x3

She’s got the whole world in her hands!


He’s got the birds of the air in his hands x3

He’s got the whole world in his hands!


She’s got the fish of the sea in her hands x3

She’s got the whole world in her hands!


He’s got the towns and the cities in his hands x3

He’s got the whole world in his hands!


We’ve got the whole world in our hands x3

We’ve got the whole world in our hands!


Hymn MV 220      “Hope Shines as the Solitary Star”



The Peace of Christ

One: May the peace of Christ be with you.

All: And also with you.

(Please extend to others a blessing of peace with words such as, “Peace be with you,” or “Peace,” with the response, “And also with you.” Following the Passing of the Peace, the children may go to Sunday School.)

Prayer of Confession

Gracious God, you have called us into being and equipped us with communication and knowledge, and with every spiritual gift we need… and yet sometimes we fail to use those gifts., or to proclaim our mission.  Help us remember that you have called us to be your saints and will strengthen us for our journey. Amen.

                                                                           Gathering 2019-20. Wanda Winfield

Silent Meditation

Words of Assurance


We Hear the Word


First Scripture Reading:        Isaiah 9: 1-4

This is testimony to the Word of God

Thanks be to God.


Responsive Reading: VU 754  “Psalm 27”


Gospel Reading:                     Matthew 4: 12 – 23

This is the Gospel of Christ

      Thanks be to God.        

Sung Response:  VU 895 “Gloria”


Solo (Rockers United):  “A Heavenly Connection”               Martin Robson

Sermon                       “Discerning God’s Call”


We Respond

Hymn   VU 357     Tell Me the Stories of Jesus            STORIES OF JESUS



Offertory:       “Living in the Hands of God”                  Martin Robson

Dedication Hymn VU 81, vs 3 “As With Gladness”

Offertory Prayer


Prayers of the People

Prayer Introit:  865 “Hear Our Prayer”                        George Whelpton

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession

The Lord’s Prayer VU 921


Celebration Box (with “Joyful, Joyful” song melody VU 232)

Joyfully, we share our blessings with our congregation.

      Thankfully, we raise our voices with each celebration.


Hymn VU 567      “Will You Come and Follow Me”       KELVINGROVE


Sung Response: VU 87, refrain “I am the Light of the World”

Postlude:                    “Jesus on the Mainline”                       Ry Cooder


Thanks to Heather Robbins for leading our worship this morning.

Thanks also to Rockers United for their music this morning.


Minister:  Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd

westworthminister@gmail.com                                             204 489-6974 Ext. 22

Director of Music: Debbie McLeod Cherub Choir Director: Jewel Casselman

Organist:  Dorcas Windsor         Westworth Winds Director:  Ray McClelland

Minister Emerita:  Eleanor Geib

Coordinator of Children, Youth & Family Ministries:               Maggie Barnett

204 489-6974 Ext. 23                                                 churchschool@westworth.ca

Office Administrator:  Heather Lavery                               office@westworth.ca

Church Phone # 204 489-6974 Ext. 20                                    www.westworth.ca

Church Accountant:  Jenny Jeffers              churchaccountant@westworth.ca

Hosts:  Anne and Keith L.

Usher:  Janet S.

Scripture Reader:  Denise J.



SUNDAY SCHOOL The children will be learning about Joseph’s Story (Matthew 1:18-24)

Loraine will be on study leave Jan. 20-26 teaching a course on Church History and Missions at Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre in Beausejour. For emergency pastoral care during this time, please call Rev. Heather Robbins at 204 889-7609.

COMMUNITY CARE JANUARY LUNCHEON You are invited to a relaxing luncheon after the service today. It will be a time to visit with each other with a 20 minute set of cello, & piano music as a back drop. Hope to see you all there!

Today is Celebration Sunday, when we will be celebrating the milestone events (birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments) placed in our Celebration Box. Please add your milestone event to the box!

On today’s SPARE CHANGE SUNDAY, you are invited to place your spare change in the offering plates on your way out. This offers us an alternative response to those on the streets asking for spare change. The money will go towards West Broadway Community Ministry, which offers meals, services and support for those living in poverty.

ZEEBU News:  Your Westworth planning team is delighted to let you know that all meals needed but one have been spoken for by other congregations.  Our United Church region is working on a possibility for that last meal for the participants of ZEEBU on the Louis Riel Long Weekend.  Thank you to Westworth for your encouragement and support for this event.

Calling all Westworth Youth:  ZEEBU is for you!  And this year it is at home!  ZEEBU is a United Church, conference-wide youth retreat for grades 7 to 12, which will be held over the Louis Riel weekend, February 15-17, 2020 right here at Westworth.  This is a great opportunity for young people to come together and have fun exploring a theme in both small and large groups, giving individuals the chance to discover and deepen their faith in God, in the comfort and safety of their peers, young adult leaders and chaplains. Further information, including sample retreat agendas, and registration forms can be found at http://www.mnwo.ca/youth-and-young-adults/  Sign up!  Bring your friends. You’ll be glad you did!


Progress on the Sanctuary Window Project continues with $ 27,544 in donations, pledges and confirmed grants to date. A Q & A Information sheet about the project is in the Narthex.

upcoming events

Please keep in mind the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING has been set for Feb. 23, 2020. Deadline for Annual Reports has passed. WORSHIP WILL BEGIN AT 10:30 AM ON THIS DAY.

“A LEARNING AND SHARING OPPORTUNITY FOR PERSONS WITH DEMENTIA AND PARTNERS IN CARE.” Pat Stephenson will lead A five session opportunity to investigate the research in dementia and share personal stories with others. The goal of the sessions is to open up opportunities of strength and self preservation for the care giver. These sessions will allow participants to explore the possibilities and understand the need for an individual diagnosed with dementia to be part of decision making in their care. This program will give the care giver, family and the person diagnosed with this debilitating disease, the tools to maintain personhood and a loving relationship with family thru this very difficult journey. It would be most beneficial to you and to the group if you could attend all five sessions, but this is not necessary. Please join us Thursday afternoon 1:30pm -3:30 pm January 23-Feb 20.

FAITH EXPLORATION GROUP   Monday evenings in January and February Loraine will be leading a group on the basics of the Christian Faith and the United Church. For any adults who are interested in becoming members, being baptized or confirmed. Beginning Jan. 27 7:30pm-9:00pm. Please contact Loraine if interested. westworthminister@gmail.com

FAITH CAFÉ date has changed to Thursday, Jan. 30 at 10:30 am. We will be discussing why God allows suffering.

AFFIRM LUNCH & LEARN – HOW TO BE AN ALLY TO PEOPLE IN TRANSITION   The Affirm Committee is hosting a Brown Bag Lunch and Discussion after church on Sunday, February 2, in the Upper Classroom. We will be joined by Rhea Mossman Sims, a Nurse Practitioner from Klinic Community Health Centre, and Elliott Long, a Peer Supporter in the Trans Health Program at Klinic to explore how to be an ally to the transgender community, especially to people who are in the process of transitioning. The presentations will be fairly short and there will be time after for discussion. We will be offering coffee, tea, soup, veggies and cookies to everyone. You are welcome to supplement this lunch with your own Brown Bag lunch if you wish. Please join us and feel free to bring a friend.

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Belated Valentine Evening  Let your wonderful Sunday school staff child mind on Friday February 21st from 6.30pm-8.00pm while you enjoy an evening with that special someone!! There will be a movie, snacks and board games offered.

REUNION FOR THE RIVER HEIGHTS 1980’S Y-NEIGHBOUR GROUP  February 27th (Thursday) Time: 2.00pm-4.00pm Westworth UC Please bring a dozen of your favourite dainties to share. Coffee and tea provided.

SAMEDI SWING Feb. 29 at 7:00pm. Join us for an evening of music and desserts with our Westworth Big Band and the Dixie Beats. Tickets available at the office and are available in the narthex after service.

TAIZÉ PRAYER: a reflective time of chants in 4 parts with cantor and accompaniment, silent meditation and opportunity for anointing and lighting of prayer candles. Sunday, Feb. 2, 7:30-8:30 pm. If you would like to play an instrument or learn vocal parts, please let Loraine know and come to the rehearsal at 6:00 pm, just before the service.


  1. West Broadway Community Ministry Lunch  Jan.  21– Grateful thanks to all who donated food and volunteered time to host this month’s hot lunch at West Broadway. Westworth’s monthly “meatball sub” lunch, consisting of a tasty sub, fresh fruit and homemade cookies was, once again, well received by hungry guests. If you would love to be a part of this ministry, but cannot get food to the church, or are unable to volunteer, please consider donating funds to assist in funding the program. Please see Ruth W. for more information.  Our next West Broadway Community Ministry Lunch is scheduled for February 20 when the hosts will be  the Butterfly Effects Club from Ecole River Heights School, together with Barb and Brian G. from Westworth.
  1. OUR PEACE TREATY WITH THE EARTH: Gathering & writing Songs, Prayers, Stories, Blessings, Woes and Litanies – Saturday, Feb . 8 at Canadian Mennonite University Heritage Gallery 9:00 am -3:30 pm. Coffee House with singing and stories – Sunday February 9 2-4:30 pm. Cost for the event will be $ 20.00 for the day which include lunch and refreshments. See the Outreach Board for more information.
  2. TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE: February 8 – 16, 2020. Berney Theatre – A documentary-style investigation of a Jewish-Canadian/Muslim-Palestinian friendship between two women.Two Birds One Stone was a powerful, quirky, and intimate show that shattered my expectations completely.” – Mooney On Theatre. If you would like to attend with others from Westworth, and hear a talkback with Karen Ridd, you may sign up on the board in the Narthex. You must purchse your own tickets. They are available online.
  3. West Broadway Community Ministry (WBCM) Pantry: Thanks to so many of you who, each Sunday, fill the buckets to overflowing with nutritious foods destined for West Broadway. Most needed is protein: tins of meat, chili, stews, fish, beans, and small jars of peanut butter. Also needed are feminine hygiene products and bath towels. Travelling soon? Please remember WBCM by collecting those small containers of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. They are used when guests take a shower at the facility.



2020 Lenten Challenge

Westworth is trying something new this year. We are giving up meetings for Lent in order to make a bit more space for us to indulge in spiritual reflection. We hope that everyone will consider spending 15 minutes/day reflecting on a biblical passage as it relates to our personal lives. We will be providing workbooks that will take us through the Gospel of Matthew. Each day will offer a biblical passage, some background to it, a question for us to reflect upon, and a prayer.

We are also offering small groups for people to join and meet once a week for 5 weeks during the month of March. These small groups will help people get to know each other as they share reflections with one another. Thirteen people have been trained as facilitators so that we can offer a variety of times and days for different small groups to meet. We hope that everyone can find a time that works for them. Please sign up in the narthex.

We plan to have one small group at the Wellington and another at the Parkway. Three people from St. Andrew’s River Heights also came to our facilitator training as they also plan to participate in this Lenten Challenge.

The workbooks have been developed by our Moderator, Rev. Richard Bott, and Rev. Dave Anderson, minister of one of the thriving United Churches Loraine visited on her sabbatical. They have generously given us free use of their material. If people can contribute to the actual cost of printing and binding ($10), that would be appreciated, but not necessary. Workbooks will be available for pick-up after church beginning January 19.

We hope that as many congregants as possible will take up the Lenten Challenge!


Minute for Mission

Special Days at Camp Whitney!

Mission & Service provides grants to United Church camps like Camp Whitney in Alberta, where children between the ages of 6 and 15 can explore their relationship with God, nature, and each other.

So what should kids expect at Camp Whitney? According to the staff, there are no typical days. Each day is special and packed with fun for each camper. One activity is God Talk, where campers get to know more about the Bible in exciting and enjoyable ways. Campers can also take part in sports such as archery, swimming, or canoeing or get involved with arts and crafts or drama. There’s time to relax on a beautiful beach, have fun playing outdoor games, enjoy nature, and gather around the evening campfire to sing and share stories. Most of all, Camp Whitney is a place for Christian fellowship and to make friends.

We are thankful that Mission & Service is part of camping ministry. Camps are important places for children and youth to explore their faith and develop leadership skills.

If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.



  • MHC Art Gallery Opening Jan. 24 at 7:30pm 600 Shaftesbury
  • MAiD Presentation – the 5 W’s of Medical Assistance in Dying (who, what, why, when and where) 7pm Tuesday, Feb. 4. Westminster UC in the Lecture Hall. All are Welcome. , 745 Westminster Ave.
  • The Winnipeg Singers “Icons & Incense” Concert Sunday, Feb. 23 3:00pm Music of the Russian Orthodox Tradition. Crescent Fort Rouge UC Tickets $30, Senior $25, Under 30 $15 525 Wardlaw Ave.
  • Join us for Westminster UC’s 2020 Lenten Study Wednesdays Mar. 4, 11 & 25, 7-8:30pm Questions of Faith, with a nod to Star Wars – led by Rev. Dr. Jim Christie. All are Welcome!