Mar. 15 Bulletin

Westworth United Church

1750 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba


3rd Sunday of Lent

10:45 am March 15, 2020


We Gather to Worship

Welcome and Announcements

Treaty Acknowledgement

Treaties created relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Treaty partners and the agreements that they made were intended to be mutually beneficial. In Treaties, First Nations agreed to share land, which enabled the creation and settlement of Canada. The Treaties are living documents that include all of us and so we, who live, work and worship on Treaty 1 land and receive water from Shoal Lake on Treaty 3 land, are all Treaty People.


Candle-Lighting & Prelude:     “Ubi Caritas”                       Denis Bédard

Introit:                        “Lord, Have Mercy”                          Pepper Choplin


Lenten Litany: Affirming our Diversity

For the diversity of race within our congregation,

represented by the blue ribbon for the Métis Nation,

We give God thanks.

For the diversity of those with whom we minister,

represented by the orange ribbon for the children from the residential schools,

We give God thanks.

For the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity within our congregation, represented by the purple ribbon,

We give God thanks.


Hymn VU 815       “Psalm 95: Come, Worship God”          EPIPHANY HYMN

Children’s Story

Hymn MV 95              “How Deep the Peace”                            Bauman/Good


The Peace of Christ

One: May the peace of Christ be with you.

All: And also with you.

(Please extend to others a blessing of peace with words such as,  “Peace be with you,” or “Peace,” with the response, “And also with you.” Following the Passing of the Peace, the children may go to Sunday School.)

Prayer of Confession

Holy Spirit, our guide and comforter,

You know the journeys we each travel.

You are well acquainted with the challenges we face;

the wildernesses we each traverse.

At times, we wonder if you are with us;

Your absence is acutely felt.

We turn to you this morning,

Asking for your guidance and your strength.

Assure us with the peace of your presence.


Meditative Silence

Words of Assurance


We Hear the Word

Scripture Reading: Exodus 17:1-7

This is testimony to the Word of God

Thanks be to God.

      Sung Response:  VU 830  “O Give Thanks to God”            John L. Bell


Anthem:                              “All Within Me”                                Marty Parks

Dialogue Sermon:               “Acceptance”


We Respond

Hymn VU 286      “If You Will Trust in God to Guide You”      NEUMARK



Offertory:  “He Leadeth Me/Lead On”                             Penny Rodriguez

Dedication Hymn: VU 540  “Grant Us God, the Grace”      STUTTGART

Offertory Prayer


Prayers of the People

Prayer Introit:  950 “Stay With Me”                        Jacques Berthier, Taizé

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession

The Lord’s Prayer VU 921


Hymn VU 421       “Lead On, O Cloud of Presence”              LANCASHIRE


Response  MV 214  “May God’s Sheltering Wings”        Judith Snowdon 

Postlude: “If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee” G. Neumark/J.S.Bach


Minister:  Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                         204 489-6974 Ext. 22

Director of Music: Debbie McLeod Cherub Choir Director: Jewel Casselman

Organist:  Dorcas Windsor         Westworth Winds Director:  Ray McClelland

Minister Emerita:  Eleanor Geib

Coordinator of Children, Youth & Family Ministries:               Maggie Barnett

204 489-6974 Ext. 23                                     

Office Administrator:  Heather Lavery                     

Church Phone # 204 489-6974 Ext. 20                       

Church Accountant:  Jenny Jeffers    


Welcomers:  Bettina and George N.

Hosts:  Barb and Kent M.

Ushers: Maureen L. and Kirk W.

Scripture Reader:  Kathy W.



We extend our sympathy to Cheryl and Doug E. and family on the passing of Cheryl’s dad.


SUNDAY SCHOOL The children will be learning about The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6: 5-15)

SPECIAL APPEALS: On Palm Sunday, April 5 we will be including a Special Easter Appeals envelope in the bulletin. Money raised for special appeals will go to various organizations that Westworth supports, including theological education (Regional student bursary, St. Andrew’s Colle, Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre and Centre for Christian Studies), local social justice groups (Willow Place, West Broadway Community Ministry, 1 Just City, L.I.T.E., Rossbrook House and Jubilee Fund) and youth support (Days for Girls, Rock Lake Camp).

SCENTED PRODUCTS: Lately there has been an increase in the use of scented in the congregation and some congregants are having allergic reactions. Please refrain from the use of perfume and cologne, as well as any other strongly scented soaps, lotions and hair products.

OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED Wednesday, Mar. 18 from 10:45-1:45PM.

upcoming events

FACILITATOR TRAINING Sunday 15 March 2-4 pm for small groups for Westworth’s 2020 Interfaith Dialogue Series on Honouring Treaties Faithfully. The training will include teachings from Elder Stan McKay on offering a talking circle. It will also discuss how to respond to difficult questions. This is excellent training for anyone interested in sharpening their facilitation skills. We will be needing facilitators for each our Interfaith Dialogue sessions on Sunday evenings, April 19, 26, May 3 and 10. See poster for more details on speakers, themes and times.

MEN’S SPIRITUALITY Saturday March 21, 9:00am, upper classroom Transition- I can assure you that this topic is not about dying but, about transitions we have faced and transitions we may expect to face. Please come a join us for a light breakfast and discussion. Be prepared to leave with more questions than answers. Questions or comments may be directed to Allan M. at or 204-269-5292.

APRIL 19 SERVICE at 10:30 am: Westworth is invited to attend St. Andrew’s River Heights for a worship service commemorating their 5th anniversary of becoming an Affirming Ministry. There will be no worship service at Westworth on this morning.

CUBA TRIP: We are planning a trip to Cuba next February, over the Louis Riel weekend, for youth and adults, together with St. Andrew’s River Heights United. We will be meeting with youth and adults from the Cuban churches, visiting various organizations (according to the groups’ interests), and having good time for relaxation, the beach and Havanna. The trip will be 1 week to 10 days, depending on the group’s decision, and will cost between $2,000 and $2,500 per person. We will have an initial meeting for anyone interested on Sunday, April 19 at 3:00 pm at Westworth. Fundraising opportunities for youth will also be discussed.


Palm/Passion Sunday with Sunday School Pageant: April 5 at 10:45 am

Taizé Meditative Holy Week Service: April 5 at 7:30 pm (rehearsal for instrumentalist or vocalists who wish to practice vocal parts from 6:00-7:00 pm)

Maundy Thursday potluck meal of remembrance with communion: 6:00 pm (sign up in narthex)

Maundy Thursday late contemplative service with communion: 8:30 pm

Joint Good Friday service at Westworth with St. Andrew’s River Heights: 10:45 am

Easter Sunday service with confirmation and brass ensemble: 10:45 am


WESTWORTH 2020 INTERFAITH DIALOGUE – Honouring Treaties Faithfully 4 Sundays, 6:30-9:000pm:

April 19 at the Grand Mosque with Treaty Commissioner Loretta Ross and Archbishop LeGatt

April 26 at Westworth with Keeper of the Learning Circle Susie McPherson Derendy and Rabbanit Dorit Kosmin

May 3 at Mannitoba Buddhist Temple with Elder Stan Fontaine and Gen Kelsan of Kadampa Meditation Centre

May 10 at Etz Chayim Synagogue with Elder Norman Meade and Humaira Jaleel, Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute

See poster for more info.


PRIMER ON WILLS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY Tuesday May 5, 2020, Westworth Parlour 7:00pm Retired lawyer Eleanor Wiebe will be conducting this workshop at Westworth. There is no charge. We are asking that you sign up in the Narthex so we have enough materials and seating. Please provide your phone number or e-mail if it is necessary to contact you. Please feel free to bring a friend.

Topics covered related to wills include:

  • Providing for your spouse/common law partner or other dependants
  • Tax implications of death
  • Joint property and beneficiary designations
  • Charitable giving through your estate

Topics related to enduring powers of attorney include:

  • Mechanics of the document
  • Implementation
  • Uses and scope of powers of the attorney


COUNCIL INFO from the February 25, 2020 meeting of Council:

  • Bettina N. and George N. were approved as Westworth representatives to the Prairie to Pine Regional Council.
  • Norm S. and Keith L. were named as representatives to an Exploration Committee with St. Andrews River Heights to continue developing our partnership.
  • Council also considered a motion recommended by the Outreach Team that Westworth discontinue the purchase and use of bottled water at Westworth.  The rationale for the motion is that:
  1. Plastic containers are significant pollutants and a major stress on the health of our lakes, rivers and oceans – and ultimately us.
  2. Winnipeg’s water is safe for drinking.
  3. Anyone who feels they need to have further processed water to drink should be asked to bring their own, in a re-usable container. As this motion has the potential to impact other Ministry Teams and groups and the congregation in general, Council decided to table this motion until its next meeting and to use that time to gather input. If you have questions or comments on the proposal, you are invited to forward them to Paul Chard by email at


2020 PLEDGES AND DONATIONS from January to Feb. 29 received from identifiable givers.

 2020 Pledged  Received
M&S $        44,441  $          8,650
Westworth Operations $      268,821  $        52,127
Total $      313,262  $        60,777

Total of all donations from Jan.-Apr. 30, including open plate, for the past 3 years.

2017  $ $57,060                 2018  $  51,866                  2019  $ 60,777

Please refer to the bulletin board in the Narthex for monthly updates.



  1. WEST BROADWAY COMMUNITY MINISTRY LUNCH MARCH 19: Nancy DW and Marion and Denis S. will host this month’s hot lunch at West Broadway. Westworth’s monthly “meatball sub” lunch, consisting of a tasty sub, fresh fruit and homemade cookies is very popular with our guests at WBCM. Please considering donating to this vital ministry. You will find the sign-up sheet on the Board in the Narthex. Should you wish to donate money with which to purchase food and supplies, please write a cheque with the memo “WB Lunches” and submit to Heather in the office. Thank you!
  2. WEST BROADWAY COMMUNITY MINISTRY (WBCM Thanks to so many of you who, each Sunday, fill the buckets to overflowing with nutritious foods destined for West Broadway. Most needed is protein: tins of meat, chili, stews, fish, beans, and small jars of peanut butter. Also needed are feminine hygiene products and bath towels. Travelling soon? Please remember WBCM by collecting those small containers of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. They are used when guests take a shower at the facility.
  3. This past year West Broadway Community Ministry celebrated 40 years of loving our neighbours. Please join us at our Annual Meeting at Crossways in Common in the mini-gym on Sunday March 22nd at 1:30. A light lunch will be served. You will be able to access our Annual Report on our website



  • Spring Equinox Day of Prayer Mar. 19 9-11am Oodena Celebration Circle at the Forks. Join Southern Chiefs’ Organization for a morning of prayer. All cultures, faiths, and denominations will be honoured, and are invited to join us!
  • Christina T-S’s Graduation Recital Sat. April 11 2:00-3:15pm Eva Clare Hall, 65 Dafoe Rd., U of M. Please come to support one of our Choral Scholars.
  • Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association 2020 Conference & AGM April 8, 8:30–4:30 Access Events Centre, Morden. Curt Hull of Climate Change Connection will start with climate change challenges that we face “The Greta Thunberg Effect: MB have something to learn from a Swedish teenager.” Come join us for this information packed event as we learn how we can reduce our carbon footprint in a sustainable manner.  For Program and Reg. info. visit the Conference website at:



March 11, 2020 (this may change as we receive further updates)

With guidance from the United Church Statement on COVID-19, Westworth United Church is taking the following precautions and offering support and prayers to those affected:


  • If you are not feeling well, please stay at home and contact medical professionals as needed.
  • Please wash your hands frequently. We are ensuring that we have enough supplies of soap for our dispensers. We also have hand sanitizer bottles in the sanctuary and narthex. We are now wiping down all door handles with disinfectant twice a week and after large gatherings.
  • Please refrain from shaking hands. While greeting and passing the peace, please fold your hands over your heart and bow slightly to one another.
  • We will not be passing the offering plates. When entering the sanctuary, you are invited to place your offering in the offering plates that will be beside the sanctuary doors. You may also place your offering in the plates when you leave. The ushers will still bring the plates forward during the offertory and we will offer thanks for the offering that has been and will be received.

We are currently working on Phase II, should the need arise, so that we can implement it immediately.


  • We will be mindful of any comments about COVID-19 directed to any particular racial group and attempt to repudiate and dispel any comments that are prejudiced or racist.
  • We will seek and share stories of people and communities most affected by COVID-19 and offer our prayerful support.

The China Christian Council, our Mission & Service partner, works ecumenically to provide much-needed medical supplies, disinfectant, protective clothing, and food items on the ground in Hubei Province. They have recently written to the United Church:

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our friends praying for and supporting China and Hubei…Now the epidemic is basically under control, but there are still many patients in hospital. The CCC is continuing to ship medical supplies for hospitals in Wuhan…We are very concerned about the situation in other countries and we call on all Christians in China to pray for the medical experts and patients of the world.”


Minute for Mission

Camino de Emaús

Camino de Emaús is a vibrant ministry serving hispanophones (mainly from Chile) and francophones in Montreal, thanks in part to support from Mission & Service.

In recent years Camino de Emaús created a wellness program geared to seniors called Camino de Oro, or Golden Path. They organize outings, fitness and dance classes, wellness workshops with guest speakers, and other activities to foster community and combat social isolation.

Camino de Emaús also recently exhibited its memory museum and participated in commemorating those whose lives were lost or forever changed by the coup in Chile on September 11, 1973. Several people shared photos and thoughts of lost loved ones and also called for everyone to continue to work together, with respect and tolerance, to show solidarity not only with Chile but also with other causes closer to home, as there is still much to improve in Chile, Canada, and the world.

Camino de Emaús is a faith-filled community that welcomes those in need of healing and support.

If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.