Congregational Email Update July 20, 2020

Congregational Update

July 20, 2020


Dear Congregants,

In the midst of COVID challenges and disappointments, there are still great celebrations to be had. I’m excited to announce the upcoming 100th birthday of Gordon Toombs. If you are in town and have a car or bicycle, I invite you to drive/ride by the church on his birthday, Friday, July 31, between 11:20 and 11:50 am. He will sitting just outside the front door under the overhang. Honk and wave as you pass. If you have a card, I’ll be ready with a basket, into which you can place your card from your window, without getting out of your car. Please let me know if you are coming. If you would like to help Nancy and me decorate the front porch, please also let me know.

This Tuesday, Council will be considering the report on the safe re-opening of our church in September. A huge thanks to a hard-working committee who have spent multiple hours researching and writing a comprehensive report that will make our re-opening as safe as possible, following the provincial regulations and national United Church guidelines. We will let you know when the final draft of the report is available. The members of the Safe Re-Opening Committee are: Eunice P. (chair of the committee), George N., Diane R., Karla F., Teresa S. and Paul C.

We anticipate that when the church is re-opened, it will offer a hybrid model of in-person worship and small group gatherings, as regulated by provincial government restrictions, and continuing online worship. It will not be the same and the loss of our familiar sacred space with choral music and socializing will be keenly felt. There will be grief over this loss. At the same time, we have an opportunity to imagine new ways in which we can continue to build community together and have creative forms of music. I pray that we will be inspired to develop these new ideas. As we move forward, we will find new life and vigor for our beloved community of faith.

In hope and faith,




We extend our sympathy to Cheryl & Doug E. on the passing of Doug’s mother.


From Your CE Team:  

Online Vacation Bible School:  Join Julia and Maggie for Zoom VBS 2020, August 24-August 28th . We will be having fun with ‘Avengers-God’s Game’: Superheroes of the Bible We will be online with Zoom from 10.00am-noon each day. Contact Heather at office@westworth ca  to register.

Rendez-vous 2020 Aug. 11-14 For youth (gr. 9 -12), young adults, and leaders. Feeling done with “online”?    …So was my daughter! …so when her favourite summer camp offered her a free week of online camp, she wasn’t thrilled …until she got the schedule for it and saw that it DID look like fun after all. Like that camp, Rendez-vous has also been re-imagined. Through real-time online events, recordings, and DIY workshop kits, we will celebrate bold faithbrave space and brazen grace.  Instead of a fee, a donation is requested. Any who choose to donate, will receive a tax receipt. So, why not register?  When you receive a schedule of events, you can pick and choose what you’d like to attend.  Your choice!  Register by Aug. 7   Register by July 15th, if you’d like to order a t-shirt or toque.


Wednesday Pandemic Practicum Discussion  Join us for our last meeting this Wednesday at 4:00 pm—you don’t need to have connected with the previous ones. This week’s topic is “Dialing Down the Alarms”. Please watch the fourth YouTube prior to the meeting. It is produced  by Rev. Diane Strickland, traumatologist and compassion fatigue therapist. You can view it from the following website:—pandemic-practicums-1-4.html. To join us this Wednesday, the Zoom link is


Windows on the world!

The 88 existing windows being removed and replaced are for sale. They are $25 each or 2 for $40. Each is approximately 35” x 18”. They are in pastel shades of rose, blue, green and yellow. First come first served. To reserve yours send an email to and include your name and contact phone. You will be contacted. They will be available after the installation is complete which is scheduled for late July. We are unable to store any unsold.


Are you on PAR?

If you wish to make a donation to Westworth please consider signing up for PAR. This will allow you to make regular donations from your bank account directly to Westworth. Please contact the office at 204-489-6974 or email to receive your PAR information package.


Another donation option.

In addition to PAR you may make an online donation through the Westworth website, . Select the Donate tab and you will be able to set the amount, payment method and receive your tax receipt immediately by email.