Anyone who seeks to follow Jesus Christ may join the Westworth congregation as an adherent or a member. You can become a member of the Westworth Congregation by baptism and confirmation or by transfer of membership.

If you have been baptized and confirmed in another congregation, whether in the United Church of Canada or another denomination, you may become a member of Westworth by transfer of membership or re-affirmation of your faith. You may transfer to Westworth with a membership certificate from your former congregation or, if you do not have a current membership certificate, by re-affirmation of your faith. Contact the church office for further information.

In the United Church tradition, persons may be baptised either as infants or adults.  More information on baptism is available here.

Confirmation is a service of worship at which persons who have been previously baptised affirm their baptismal vows and make a public profession of faith.

Persons who were baptized as infants are usually confirmed when they reach their late teens. Westworth runs a confirmation class for youth. Adults who wish to be confirmed are invited to attend one of our Faith Exploration programs. If they have not been baptized, they will be confirmed immediately after baptism, at the same service.

If you have been attending Westworth but are not ready to make the commitment to church membership, you may join the congregation as an adherent. Adherents may participate in committees and other congregational activities but may not vote at meetings of the congregation on matters relating to ministry personnel and certain other major decisions. If you have been attending Westworth and wish to be recognized as an adherent, contact the church office and ask to have your name added to the mailing list.