Gracious Power

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                               April 8, 2018 Acts 4:32-35 What does power look like to you? If you were to sculpt power, what would it be? (sculpt cowering, raising hands high, muscling, fist …Read more

Open Mindedness 

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                          April 15, 2018 Luke 24:36b-48   Last week we listened to the Easter story of gracious power teaching us how to be open-handed. Today, another Easter story teaches us to be open-minded. …Read more

A Resurrected Life of Promise    

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                  Easter Sunday                         April 1, 2018 Mark 16:1-8 There was no joy in their steps as they left the empty tomb. They were amazed, but they were also terrified. Mary Magdalene and Mary, the …Read more

A Covenant of the Heart

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                          March 18, 2018 Jeremiah 31:31-34 Abbess and mystic Hildegard of Bingen, from the 12th century, wrote, “You understand so little of what is around …Read more


  Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd            B Lent 3                          March 4, 2018       Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 19 Last Sunday I talked about the cross being our moral compass with which we can take a cross-bearing to see if we’re …Read more

Cross Bearing

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                              A Lent 2                          Feb 25, 2018 Mark 8:34-37   There are certain lakes in the Canadian Shield where boaters easily get turned around. I have a …Read more

Repent, and believe in the Good News

Rev. Earl M. Gould              Sunday, February 18, 2018              Text: Mark 1:9-15 Westworth United Church Year B, Lent 1   If I ask for things you associate with Lent – you will likely include: “You are supposed to give up something you like doing for …Read more

The Suffering Servant  

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                  Mark 8:31-33             Feb. 11, 2018 Rev 21:1-6 What do we believe about the end times? This was a question I posed to our first Faith Café, as I needed some help with this topic. We don’t often broach this …Read more

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                              Mark 8:27-33        Feb 4, 2018   Who do you say that I am? Since the days of Jesus’ own life on earth, people have been asking this question. Jesus was familiar with the confused interest …Read more

How big is your God?

Marilyn Anderson Corkum..                                          Jan. 14th, 2018   1:    How big is your God……  How big is your God?…. 2:    Something that has intrigued us over the years has been  discovery in scripture of how many ways …Read more