Tell the Good News! 

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                                   Jan 19, 2020 Ps 40   When calamity strikes, where do we turn? Family and/or friends most certainly. Social …Read more

Water of Life 

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                                        Jan 12, 2020 Isaiah 42:1-9; Matt 3:13-17 There’s something about the year 2020 that feels good. There …Read more

Epiphany Sunday

Epiphany, January 5, 2020                                                    by Mac Watts  Text: Matthew 2: 1 – 11 We have already heard the Gospel text for today read more than once during the recent Christmas …Read more

Joseph’s Dream 

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                                     Dec 22, 2019 Matt 1:18-25 You thought Mary had been side-lined by the Protestants. Joseph has been side-lined by …Read more

Reign of Christ Challenge

Isaiah 11:1-9; Luke 9:57-62                                            Guest Preacher: Lara Rae What a special day it is for us all here today.  Not because as a substitute preacher I’m going to let you leave the lesson early, or hold the sermon outside, although I’m a people pleaser. There’s just such a confluence of small veins and streams …Read more

A Confusing Gift of Gender (Non-Binary Theme)

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                           Nov. 17, 2019 Matthew 19:9-12; Psalm 139 Twelve days ago, a human rights adjudicator ruled that Manitoba must join Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and …Read more

Remembrance Day-Lighting the Darkness 

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                 Remembrance Day       Nov. 10, 2019 Matthew 5:1-16 An old pearl of wisdom, that we think came from Confucius, tells us that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. This inspired Amnesty International to create its symbol of a …Read more

Persistence and Resistance

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                                 Nov. 3, 2019 Luke 18:1-8 Why do we pray? What is the purpose of prayer? These questions relate to our image …Read more

Giving Out of Grace

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                                                     Oct. 27, 2019 Luke 18:9-14 When we were travelling across Canada on my sabbatical, some friends and family with …Read more

Transformed by Generosity 

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd                                        Oct. 20, 2019 Luke 19:1-10 What are Christian values? I’ve been confused lately by what some political parties are meaning by this. Some of the values they are espousing do not correspond to …Read more