Messy Church

Come to our first ever Messy Church. November 3rd from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Messy Church is an opportunity for families in our church to get to know each other better through sharing a meal, crafts and storytelling. Lasgna and salad supper. Our theme is peace!


What is it?

  • It’s an opportunity for the families in our church and their friends to come together and get to know one another better.
  • It’s also an event that welcomes all adults who want to get to know the parents and the younger members of our congregation!
  • It’s always easier to get to know your neighbour when you’re sitting next to them doing something together, than when you’re sitting next to them in a pew!
  • A great opportunity to invite friends to your church.

What Will We Do at Messy Church?

  • We will share a meal together and have conversation around the table.
  • We will explore a theme through crafts, music and storytelling.
  • Adults will have a time apart to get to know one another.
  • We will focus on the young people in our church and share with them.

What Does It Cost to Come to Messy Church?

  • There is no charge for coming to Messy Church.
  • Our meal has been generously supplied by a member of our congregation who values the ministry to families in our church!  Thank you!

What about Food Allergies?

  • This month we are using commercially-produced lasagna and will be making the food at the church to avoid cross-contamination.  Our kitchen crew have oversight by someone who has taken the food-handling certificate course.
  • Let us know your allergy and will try to accommodate your needs!

What about Youth?

  • The first event will provide an opportunity for our youth to meet Pat Van Ryssel, our new Youth Worker!
  • The Youth may choose to eat with us, but they will be getting to know each other and doing their own project at this first Messy Church.
  • Messy Church is not Youth Group, but they may choose to join in from time to time, or every time. It’s up to their group!

 Is it a Church Service?

  • Messy Church is experiential.  Some of the components of worship may be there, (singing, sharing a theme topic, examples from the Bible that relate to theme) but they are present through the creative way we share together.
  • This is not a traditional worship event!
  • This program, which began in the UK, was started as a worship experience, but we are adapting this program in North America, to be a little more about building relationships and reaching out to friends who are not comfortable with traditional worship experiences. Therefore, you may see some things you would find on the Messy Church website, but not all.
  • The way we are adapting Messy Church to suit our needs at Westworth is quite unique. This has caused some confusion for people who are checking out the international website.
  • Check out our Westworth website instead!  We will soon have a Messy Church link with all that you need to know about our program.

Who Is Running Messy Church?

  • This is a test project of the Christian Education Committee.

When is the Next Messy Church?

  • December 8th, from 5:30 –  7:30 p.m.  Mark your calendars now!
  • We will explore Advent/Christmas Themes and make Gingerbread Nativity Sets!