Privacy Policy

The Westworth United Church is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. Personal information is collected, used, maintained, and disclosed in compliance with the Westworth United Church Privacy Policy and applicable federal and provincial privacy legislation.

Information Collection

Westworth does not currently collect any indentifiable personal information through this website. However the site is hosted by a third party host which maintains log files of visitor information which may include information such as IP addresses, browser types, plug-ins available, page views, city/province/country of the visitor, and cookie information. This information is used for statistical and server management purposes. The website software may also make use of browser cookies to keep track of certain used preferences but these cookies cannot be used to indentify an individual user.

Westworth does collect information about members of the congregation and contributors which it uses for internal administrative purposes. This information is kept in paper files in the church office or on computer files which are not accessible through the internet.

Information Disclosure

Westworth will not disclose personal information on this website without the consent of the persons involved. As a general rule, a person who agrees to host or organize a church event will be presumed to have consented to publication of their name and necessary contact information in the church bulletin and on this website.

E-mail Policy

Westworth encourages members with e-mail access to provide an e-mail address to the church office so that we can use it to send out periodic mass mailings and announcements. E-mail addresses will be made available to church staff for use in connection with church business. E-mail software is configured so that it will not disclose the e-mail addresses of other recipients of the mailing. Westworth does not share its e-mail lists with other groups.


Westworth will not display photographs of individuals or small groups on this site without the consent of the persons involved or, in the case of minors, their parents or guardians. However, the site may include photographs of groups of people at public events without the consent of the persons involved where no one indvidual is the focus of the photograph and the faces are not clearly recognizable.


If you have any questions about this policy or wish to request removal of material from this website please contact the church office