Westworth’s Outreach Philosophy

We believe that God calls us to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Our mission at Westworth is “to be the hands and feet of Christ within Westworth and beyond.” Ours is a living faith, a faith that is expressed not only in ministry, but also in mission in and with the world.

Westworth Reaches Out by:

  • Actively offering our time, talents and resources
  • Advocating for social justice
  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Living our commitment to service in all our relationships
  • Seeking right relationships with Aboriginal Peoples and to support First Nations in their struggle for self-government and Aboriginal rights
  • Working for human rights
  • Welcoming all and opposing discrimination against any person on any basis
  • Creating options to get involved

The Outreach Committee acts as a liaison between the Westworth congregation and the larger community to respond to needs and struggles of people locally, nationally and around the world by identifying and providing opportunities to put our faith into action.

Through the leadership of the Outreach Committee, Westworth is specifically engaged in the following ways:

  • Providing lunches and volunteering service at the West Broadway Community Ministry,
  • sponsoring refugees and assisting newcomers to Canada
  • connecting in a variety of ways with our partner ministries and organizations learning about other faith traditions and cultures through Sabbath Suppers and Lenten Studies
  • supporting the faith community of our partner congregation in Luyanó, Cuba.
  • learning about and contributing to the ongoing discussions and implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation report
  • providing forums for presentation and discussion of social and environmental justice issues

 Our Partners

The United Church of Canada works in partnership with organizations in Canada and around the world. For a full listing of the church’s partners and networks, see Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations .

Westworth is a member of the Partners in Mission ‘Upstream Cluster’ of United Churches. As such, we support West Broadway Community Ministry, and Arora Family Centre.

Below is a partial list of agencies and organizations with which Westworth United Church works:

Special Appeals

Special Appeals to support our partner ministries are made at particular times of the year, such as Thanksgiving, Advent, and Lent.

The Children’s Fund

The Children’s Fund was created with a donation of $15,000 from the late Mr. Lloyd Cooke to support children and youth in need.  Grants are given to support one-time projects.  The grant is designed to be used as seed money or to buy equipment or pay for some other item or program that is not part of an organization’s regular operating budget.