Westworth United Church believes that marriage is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals. It creates holy ground on which the two, and all others, must walk carefully and gently, yet forthrightly and with courage. We believe that a loving relationship leading to marriage may exist between any two consenting adults of legal standing. We will not discriminate on the basis of age, culture, race, sexual orientation, or religious tradition, assuming that Christian witness is evident in the service.

The following material is to assist you and the Church to plan your wedding celebration.  Your decision to marry is a joyful and responsible decision.  We want to help you plan a meaningful service.


The minister of Westworth United Church will preside over all services held within the church. All arrangements are to be made through the minister, including the time and date of the service, the order of service, the choice of hymns and the participation of others (laity, clergy, musicians).

Wedding Date and Time

Please make these arrangements in consultation with the Church Staff as soon as possible.  We usually plan to leave 2 hours between weddings or other services in the church so that you will not feel rushed.


You may choose the Sanctuary, or for a small wedding, you may choose our Chapel.


We have both a piano and organ available. Normally, our church organist plays for weddings. Once you have spoken with the minister, you are invited to discuss details of the music with the organist. You may arrange to have a soloist, or ask the organist to arrange a soloist. You may ask permission of the church organist to have another organist or pianist play in “exceptional” circumstances. However, you will be expected to pay the organist fees even if your choice of musician plays in her stead.


Flowers may be delivered to Westworth United Church.  Please call the church at 489-6974  to arrange a convenient time for delivery.  When selecting flowers please note that due to allergy concerns you are asked to avoid Lilies and other heavy scented florals.


A fee for bulletins and copy charges range from $25 to $30 depending on the number required.  This cheque should be separate from the above but also made out to Westworth United Church.


Any photography at the wedding should not detract from the service. No photographs will be taken during the service, after the processional up until the recessional. Videography is allowed only from a stationary position indicated by the minister. Your official photographer and/or videographer must check the ground rules with the officiating minister prior to the service.  The minister will be available for re-posed pictures after the service.


Plan this with the Officiating Minister.  Some small weddings choose not to have a formal rehearsal.

Setting Up and Cleaning Up

This is done by our Caretaker.  If flowers are to be delivered, let us know when so that the church will be open.  We prefer to have flowers delivered by noon if it is a Saturday afternoon or evening wedding.


Due to the fact that confetti is difficult to clean up and because it tracks back into the building, we ask that NO CONFETTI, BIRD SEED OR RICE BE USED INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE CHURCH BUILDING.

 Premarital Counsellling

In your initial interview with the Minister you will be advised of courses available in our city.  You are expected to attend such a course.  Registration forms will be given to you by the Minister when you are planning the wedding.

License and Registration of Marriage Form

A marriage license (which is valid for three months after the date of issue) is required and can be obtained at the Manitoba Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Vital Statistics Agency Office, 254 Portage Avenue.  The license and registration form must be brought to the Church Office at least a week before the wedding, so that the necessary documentation can be prepared for the wedding.

Please complete the attached Information Sheet and bring it with you to your meeting with the Minister.

 Non-Refundable Deposit

To reserve a date for your wedding, we require a non-refundable deposit of $125. This will be put towards the fees as below.


1.      For the Church Organist       $ 160.00

Additional fee for extra preparation (e.g. rehearsing with soloist)             $   50.00

2.      For the Church Soloist (if applicable)     $   80.00

3       For the Custodian   $   85.00

4       For the Minister         $ 250.00

5.      For the Church sanctuary   $ 275.00

For the Chapel (for smaller weddings)    $ 100.00


One cheque for the total amount of fees may be made payable to Westworth United Church. Please check with the church office to confirm the amount.

We hope these guidelines will help you plan a reverent and celebrative service.  Please feel free to discuss any of the items, or other questions that arise, with the Minister.