Congregational E-mails

Congregational Email Sept 23, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE We were hoping to outline the details of our reopening plans in this week’s congregational email. However, we have hit a bit of a snag and need to work out a few more issues that have arisen. For this reason, we will NOT be having our safe reopening service this Sunday. It will …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 16, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Once again, our committees have been hard at work in preparation for our gradual reopening plans. The Safe Reopening Committee and the Worship Team, in particular, have been meeting this past week and Council has moved up their meeting by one week to Sept. 22 to consider our overall reopening plan, amongst many …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 9, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Although I began this fall with a heavy heart because of the increasing anger and polarization in our country, this week has brought me cautious hope because of what is happening at Westworth. We are a flurry of activity as we prepare to be a polling station, offer an in-person and live-streamed funeral …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 2, 2021

  Minister’s Message I hope that we have all had some time this summer for relaxation & rejuvenation. Nancy & I had two great weeks in Victoria visiting my father, clearing out the remainder of my mother’s belongings and taking Dad on slow walks by the ocean and under the big trees. When you’ve been …Read more

July 29, 2021 Congregational Email

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Loraine is away until September. During this time, the following ministers will be on call for emergency pastoral care: Rev. Earl Gould July 23-31. (204) 888-1543 (home) Rev. Karen Lumley Aug. 1-25 (204) 250-5073 (cell) Rev. Heather Robbins Aug.26-31 (204) 295-1542 (cell) FUNDRAISING FOR ENHANCED AV SYSTEM Westworth Council approved a fundraising campaign …Read more

Congregational Email July 22, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE I am relieved that our province has taken a gradual approach to reopening to allow us more time to have as many people fully vaccinated as are willing and able. I am also grateful that we have the medical knowledge and financial means to have this protection. Below you will see ways in …Read more

Congregational Email July 15, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE This is an exciting time in the life of Westworth. As you will see below, Council approved a fundraising campaign to support the enhancement of our AV system. Inland Audio Visual is now contracted to install the system over the summer. We are also finalizing a contract with someone to build a media …Read more

Congregational Email July 8, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Summer is now fully upon us, begging us to slow down and simply be. The alternating heat and smoke force me to do no other. When I’m able to go with the flow and enjoy the garden harvest and back yard visits, I’m better able to welcome the pace of the season and …Read more

Congregational Email June 30, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE This is a difficult time for our country. As we approach Canada Day, many of us are unsure how to mark it. I have always been proud of Canada, wearing my Canadian pin when travelling overseas, flying the flag on Canada Day and being grateful for the privilege of living in such a …Read more

Congregational Email June 24, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE This past week, our Visioning Committee met with Margerit R, a strategic planner who helps organizations assess their social impact and determine future direction on the basis of their social values. She is highly valued amongst Winnipeg non-profit organizations. She is also a good friend of mine. When I was talking with her …Read more