Congregational E-mails

December 2, 2021 Congregational Email

MINISTER’S MESSAGE This Christmas will be a strange mix of plenty and scarcity, tears and laughter. Gifts may be limited by the scarcity of microchips. Green Christmas trees have become hard to find. I stood in line at the Boy Scouts Christmas tree lot for an hour, working on my Christmas Eve message with numb …Read more

Congregational Email October 21, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE The title of the first version of the Safe Reopening Committee’s report was “Because there is Hope Here”. We had high hopes that this report would guide us through to the fall of 2020, when we fully expected that we would be safely reopening. We did for one week until skyrocketing COVID numbers …Read more

Congregational Email October 14, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE I am grateful for Westworth’s bereavement leave that gave me time over Thanksgiving to be with family in Victoria for my mother’s Celebration of Life. It was offered through Zoom from my brother’s living room with immediate family, all masked. This allowed people to join and speak from across Canada—blessings in disguise. I …Read more

Congregational Email October 07, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE I would like to introduce you to Jane Powell, whom I see monthly for a spiritual check-up. I call her my spiritual guide—others use the name spiritual director or body talk practitioner. She is steeped in the Christian tradition, amongst other faith traditions and energy work, and has a particular interest in the …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 23, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE We were hoping to outline the details of our reopening plans in this week’s congregational email. However, we have hit a bit of a snag and need to work out a few more issues that have arisen. For this reason, we will NOT be having our safe reopening service this Sunday. It will …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 16, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Once again, our committees have been hard at work in preparation for our gradual reopening plans. The Safe Reopening Committee and the Worship Team, in particular, have been meeting this past week and Council has moved up their meeting by one week to Sept. 22 to consider our overall reopening plan, amongst many …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 9, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Although I began this fall with a heavy heart because of the increasing anger and polarization in our country, this week has brought me cautious hope because of what is happening at Westworth. We are a flurry of activity as we prepare to be a polling station, offer an in-person and live-streamed funeral …Read more

Congregational Email Sept 2, 2021

  Minister’s Message I hope that we have all had some time this summer for relaxation & rejuvenation. Nancy & I had two great weeks in Victoria visiting my father, clearing out the remainder of my mother’s belongings and taking Dad on slow walks by the ocean and under the big trees. When you’ve been …Read more

July 29, 2021 Congregational Email

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Loraine is away until September. During this time, the following ministers will be on call for emergency pastoral care: Rev. Earl Gould July 23-31. (204) 888-1543 (home) Rev. Karen Lumley Aug. 1-25 (204) 250-5073 (cell) Rev. Heather Robbins Aug.26-31 (204) 295-1542 (cell) FUNDRAISING FOR ENHANCED AV SYSTEM Westworth Council approved a fundraising campaign …Read more

Congregational Email July 22, 2021

MINISTER’S MESSAGE I am relieved that our province has taken a gradual approach to reopening to allow us more time to have as many people fully vaccinated as are willing and able. I am also grateful that we have the medical knowledge and financial means to have this protection. Below you will see ways in …Read more