Congregational E-mails

Congregational Email May 20, 2021

STUDY LEAVE Loraine is on study leave May 17-24 and will not be accessing email during this time. In case of emergency pastoral care for this coming week, please contact Rev. Earl Gould at (204) 888-1543. UPCOMING WORSHIP SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS May 23: Pentecost Sunday with Rev. Earl Gould May 30: Prairie to Pine Regional Service, …Read more

Congregational Email May 6, 2021

Dear Congregants, There is much for which we can be grateful. This past week, as I grumbled about having to figure out the buses, transfers and walks that I need to make because my place of car servicing wasn’t offering shuttle drop-offs anymore, I realized that my grumbling was coming out of a place of …Read more

Congregational Email April 29, 2021

Dear Congregants, Last Saturday, we had an abbreviated Leadership Team retreat via Zoom. I took hope in how much all of our Teams and Committees are doing in spite of our limitations. So many Westworth congregants are giving, serving, knitting, phoning, calling, emailing, texting, zooming to keep our ministries alive and care for those within …Read more

Congregational Email April 22, 2021

Dear Congregants, Last week we submitted grant applications for an enhanced AV system that will allow us to offer a hybrid of in-person and virtual worship, workshops, interfaith dialogues, etc. We received letters of support from some of our community partners for these grants that amazed me in their praise for Westworth’s ministry. I would …Read more

Congregational Email April 15, 2021

Dear Congregants, I love snow. It brightens and refreshes. Snow storms invite comfy cocooning with a good book. And so, when I saw the forecast, I thought that I would enjoy cocooning with my computer and phone. But when I awoke to a foot of snow, my spirits were not very bright or refreshed. Although …Read more

Congregational Email April 8, 2021

Dear Congregants, As we move into our season of Easter, we may remember the risen Christ appearing to two of his disciples as they were walking on the road to Emmaus. Jesus listened to them as they talked about all of the things that their rabbi, Jesus had done while he was still alive. When …Read more

Congregational Email April 1, 2021

Dear Congregants, We are entering the final days of Holy Week as we celebrate Maundy Thursday tonight and remember Jesus’ last supper with the disciples. The online service tonight will include a communion liturgy. Good Friday follows, when we will be remembering Jesus’ crucifixion in light of the crosses that guests of our community ministries …Read more

Congregational Email March 25, 2021

Dear Congregants, We are approaching Holy Week and this year, all of our Holy Week services will be joint services with St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church. We begin with Palm Sunday when we tell the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey and being greeted by crowds waving palm branches. Rev. Karen Lumley, …Read more

Congregational Email March 18, 2021

Dear Congregants, Barbara Brown Taylor writes, “Human beings may separate things into as many piles as we wish—separating spirit from flesh, sacred from secular, church from world. But we should not be surprised when God does not recognize the distinctions we make between the two. Earth is so thick with divine possibility that it is …Read more

Congregational Email March 11, 2021

Dear Congregants, Loraine is sending blessings of hope as she takes a one week break. She will return next week. BECAUSE THERE IS HOPE HERE: LENT 2021 WORSHIP SERVICES This year’s Lenten services will feature congregational reflections on hope. March 14: Loraine will be on holiday March 8-14 and Rev. Earl Gould will be leading …Read more