Congregational Email Update June 26, 2020

Congregational Email Update

June 26, 2020


Dear Congregants,

Westworth Council has formed the Safe Re-Opening Ad Hoc Committee to discern how and when to safely open our church building to the public. The membership includes Eunice P., chair, George N., Diane R., Karla F., Paul C., Teresa S. and Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd.

Our committee is considering a phased-in, hybrid approach to re-opening the building and is consulting with the congregation. Your input is very important to this process!! We are asking that congregants respond to the question below in one of the following ways. You may respond to this email and Heather Lavery, our Office Administrator, will compile the responses. Diether P. will be calling those who don’t have email to receive their input. In addition, we will be holding a Zoom meeting on June 8, 7:00-8:30 pm where we will have an opportunity to discuss these questions in small groups and in plenary. Please let Heather know if you are planning to attend the Zoom meeting by July 2.

Worship services will be very different when we re-open the building due to provincial and United Church guidelines. It will affect the numbers allowed in the building, physical distancing, no choral or congregational singing, registration of all people entering the building, etc. Some of these restrictions will also apply to small groups.


  1. In light of these restrictions, is it important to you to open the building to worship services? to small groups?  for rentals? If so, what are your reasons?


  1. What are your reasons or concerns about opening the building?


  1. Have you watched the online worship services & how often? Have these been inspirational and challenging? How could they be improved?


  1. Once we return to the building for worship, would you attend? Would you continue to watch the online services?


  1. Have you participated in other on-line meetings, check-in phone calls or emails from other congregants? Has this been helpful? What more could be done?


Please email your responses to these questions to Heather by July 2.

Your input is critical and we are grateful for your wisdom as we continue to negotiate this strange time together.

Eunice P., Chair of the Safe Re-Opening Committee, and Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd


After Church Café

We have concluded our after church café and are grateful to those who have participated over the last couple of months.


Wednesday Pandemic Practicum Discussion

Rev. Diane Strickland, traumatologist and compassion fatigue therapist, has made 4 brief youtubes that offer us tools and tips in how to survive the emotional roller coaster of this pandemic both personally and as a church. We had a small group gather for the first discussion and look forward to three more discussions on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm via Zoom. The Zoom link is . Please watch the first video prior to our Zoom discussion. Each video is about 20 minutes long. They can be viewed from the following website.—pandemic-practicums-1-4.html


Window Project News and Good News!
The first bit of news is that the Winnipeg Foundation has turned down our application for the Window Project. While they liked the project, they have been making a number of emergency grants to community services impacted by COVID 19 and funds were not available. However, the first bit of good news is that the Window Project has received a $10,000 grant from the Province of Manitoba “Building Sustainable Communities” program. We also have received confirmation of a $10,000 grant from the United Church’s Faithful Footprints. This takes the total raised and pledged from members, supporters and grants to $45,000.

The second bit of good news is that a contractor has been selected and installation has been scheduled. Pioneer Window and Door will be starting window renovations in late July. The quote is just over $51,500 with taxes.
As a reminder, the Window Project will replace the north windows in the Sanctuary with energy efficient windows with each of the window panels having a section which opens. This will improve circulation (important
during COVID-19) and comfort for everyone. The glass will be vinyl-coated in colours similar to what is currently there. The other part of the project is to install external energy efficient windows on the outside of the
stained-glass windows on the south side. This will provide protection and improve the energy efficiency in the church.

If you would like to make a donation to help us complete the fundraising for the Window Project (we are about $6,000 short) you can send a cheque to the church at 1750 Grosvenor, Winnipeg MB, R3N 0H9 or online to and select Window Project in directing your gift. You can also make a pledge
over time if that is more convenient. Finally, part of the window installation plan is to salvage the existing panes of pastel coloured glass and offer them for sale. The panes could be framed and mounted as privacy panels for windows, used in renovations etc. There are 88 pastel coloured panes (rose, blue, green and yellow) each approximately 35”x 18”. If you might be interested in obtaining a panel(s), please send an email to the church office with “Window” in the subject. Send your email with your name and phone number to You will be contacted once work has started.

Sunday Church Porch Serenades

Our final 10:45 am Sunday church porch serenade will be taking place this Sunday, June 28th). George and Bettina N., Austin W., Alan W., and a few friends from the senior choir will be sharing music and good will!  If you plan to come, please remember to keep 6 feet from each other. To date, our turnout has been great, and within all guidelines. We will continue to monitor our numbers to keep them to a maximum of 50.

Message from Debbie McLeod – Before leaving for my annual summer break, I want to thank all of you – my dear friends at Westworth – for all that you are and for all that you do, each in your own unique way, to be the hands and feet of Christ! Much of my summer time will be spent at the cottage, which is “off the grid.” However, I will check for messages weekly, so please feel free to contact me via text message or e-mail. I wish you peace, good health, joy and “re-creation” during the months of July and August.

See you again in the fall!

Debbie McLeod


From Sunday School:

Join Julia and Maggie for Zoom VBS 2020, August 24-August 28th   We will be having fun with ‘Avengers-God’s Game’: Superheroes of the Bible. We will be online with Zoom from 10.00am-noon each day. Contact Heather at  to register.


Hello Westworth friends!

Greetings from Jim and Elaine in Jordan Ontario!  As much as we miss all of you, we are truly enjoying our new life and home in Ontario.  It has been quite the journey to get here but we are settling in nicely and so very grateful to be living this close to our daughter Allison and her husband Matt.  

We wanted to write this wee note to say a huge ‘Thank you” to Loraine and all the fantastic participants who each week give their all to produce the Sunday online services.  We still feel very connected to Westworth because of these services…and although we don’t make every one, we are absolutely enjoying the Zoom coffee parties too!  

Take good care everyone and have a great summer!  I hope that one day when we can all travel again, our paths will cross…I know we will come back to Winnipeg for a visit, but I also hope that we may see some of you if and when you travel this way.

Elaine and Jim