Congregational Email June 24, 2021


This past week, our Visioning Committee met with Margerit R, a strategic planner who helps organizations assess their social impact and determine future direction on the basis of their social values. She is highly valued amongst Winnipeg non-profit organizations. She is also a good friend of mine. When I was talking with her about Westworth continuing its discernment about how best to use our building to help meet the needs of the community, she offered en gratis to lead the Visioning Committee in a two-hour session of stakeholder mapping. Why did she refuse any remuneration or honorarium? Because she said that she was excited about Westworth’s potential and wanted to help us out.

Sometimes it takes outsiders to help us see our own potential. We may become lost and overwhelmed by the many branches of possibilities. Taking a step back, with the help of outside vision, helps us identify our strengths and passions. It helps us become excited once again about the potential of our ministry.

We have a number of committees working very hard at the moment helping us find new direction in staffing, building renovation and community connections. The work of some of these committees is described in this email and we will keep you abreast of their work as information becomes available.

We are preparing the way for fall full of new beginnings and reconnections. Please add Westworth’s Leadership Team to your prayers as we seek God’s direction and wisdom.

With renewed hope,



Loraine will be on holiday this coming Monday, June 28 through Sunday, July 4. In case of emergency pastoral care during this time, please call Rev. Heather Robbins at (204) 295-1542.


As you know from previous congregational emails, we have an AV committee hard at work (Sharon S (chair & M&P rep) Peter S (Communications), Allan M (Property), Dorcas W (Worship), Julia S (CE) and Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd). This committee is working on quotes, details and budget for a sound booth and an enhanced AV system that will allow us to offer hybrid in-person and on-line worship services, funerals, weddings, workshops, and community use. We will be having a congregational information session on July 8 at 7:00 pm via Zoom for us to discuss questions and concerns about this system. Zoom invite and budget details will be provided in a later congregational email. If you cannot attend this meeting but have questions or concerns, Peter S would be glad to respond to your email. Please contact him at .


We have received another letter of gratitude from a Muslim friend for organizing our interfaith letter condemning Islamophobia and supporting the Muslim community in light of the killing of the Muslim family in London:

When people are grieving or at the time of a tragic event there is nothing like receiving sincere support from friends. You and our other friends who signed the letter of condolence and those who used other means to show their support are the stars who lit the dark night we experience last week. We would have not been able to navigate through that experience have we not had people like you on our side. 

 Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.   

Khaled (Nahar) A


Please let us know of special events, birthdays, anniversaries that we may celebrate together.

This week we are celebrating two graduates from the University of Manitoba. Congratulations to:

Kylie S, daughter of Julia and David S, on receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology with distinction.

Heather Lois C, daughter of Sonja and John C, on winning the University Gold Medal in the College of Pharmacy.



We will hold a Zoom Café after the church service for at least the remainder of the Sundays in June. We’ll start at noon for a maximum of 45 minutes. The Zoom link is below. If you can’t connect by computer, you can still call the number below to connect by telephone.

Meeting ID: 823 4030 0192

Passcode: 709791

Dial 204 272 7920


 June 27—July 25

St. Andrew’s River Heights will be joining virtually in these services.

June 27

Generosity of Spirit with soloist Christina Thanisch-Smith

July 4

Canada-Day theme with Rev. Heather Robbins and soloist Amalia Hickerson

July 11

Nature collage of reflections, scripture & photos with soloist Christina Thanisch-Smith


 This week’s Bible story is Isaiah’s Call.

Stay connected with children’s weekly bible stories on our Westworth website and Facebook page.

The bible story is read by Julia, and The Lord’s Prayer is read by Danielle, your Sunday school teachers are on the Westworth Face Book page for you to view, there is also a link in the CE drop down menu on our web site.

The Bible Story is available here:


Making a Difference at Home …..

 West Broadway Community Ministry


Thursday June 17 – the day of Westworth’s Giant BBQ at West Broadway is here!  Burgers, complete with “gourmet fixings” (fried onions, bacon, mushrooms. choice of cheese), choice of drink, bags of chips, and ice cream, along with giant cookies and fruit will be offered! Your generosity has made all of this possible. We are grateful to all of you who have supported this vital ministry throughout this difficult year! We are accepting donations for lunches at WBCM until the end of June. Surplus funds will be sent to West Broadway to support the Lunch Program during July and August.

Emergency Pantry

Thank you for your continuing support for the folks in the West Broadway area. Cheques to Westworth with “WBCM Pantry” on the memo line are gratefully received!

  1. 1Just City – Virtual Garden Tour

Once again, St. Matthews Maryland Garden Tour is going virtual! This year, the gardens you have a chance to visit are in the Scotia Street area. Check out the link Garden Tour for all the information, including a trailer illustrating what you will enjoy next month.

This tour is raising funds for 1JustCity’s West End Drop-In Centre – St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry.  Every day we offer love and support to West End families, some of the most vulnerable people in our city. These families need our help now more than ever. Since the COVID crisis began, the number of people depending on us for food support has doubled. By supporting our Virtual Garden Tour, you will be keeping West End families from going hungry.

  1. 1JustCity – Beat the Heat

Come Beat The Heat This Summer To Help Winnipeg’s Underloved Make Meaningful Memories

 The Beat The Heat virtual summer triathlon hosted by 1JustCity and TriFactor is a fundraiser supporting 1JustCity’s summer programming which includes family beach days, berry picking, summer Powwow, picnics, and more. These activities are not accessible for some and for a lot of kids, these are the stories they’re able to tell their friends back at school in the fall, where they had the opportunity to feel belonging, connection, and not be left out of the fun.

Participating in Beat The Heat is super EASY with the event lasting July 30-August 10, meaning you can complete it on your own time. You can also do any summer sport you’d like!

Registration is OPEN! Please visit to register and create your fundraising page. Register on your own or as a team!

Create your own course, and challenge your friends and family to some friendly competition with the longest distance, fastest time, or most fundraised! There will be daily prizes just for participating and top fundraising individual and team prizes from our incredible sponsors.

If you have any questions about the race, please email after visiting our FAQ page.

  1. 1JustCity Pandemic Response

You are invited to click on the link to view a short video portraying how agencies in Winnipeg, including 1JustCity, in the city worked together through the pandemic.

Well done to all our three sites working together with the rest of the city!


Making a Difference in the Community …..

  1. Canadian Foodgrains Bank Wonderful News

 Great News! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced Canada will double its climate finance over the next five years. As a supporter, you are a big part of this exciting development of increasing support for those who are on the frontlines of climate change around the world. Join myself and Mueni Mutinda, our public policy advisor working on climate change & hunger, for a short online event on Tuesday, June 29, at 12pm CST to learn more about this important announcement.

Register here:

Last week we shared a short video message of Mueni asking you to write to your MP. Here is what she said about this latest announcement:

“I’m so pleased that Canada has stepped up and substantially increased support for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Climate change is a global challenge, and I’m thankful that Canada is doing more to support low-income countries adapt to the climate crisis.”

Key points from the announcement:

  • a doubling of Canada’s climate finance commitment,
  • increased support for adaptation,
  • increase in the provision of grants.

Westworth’s active support over many years through sending letters to MPs, emails into consultations, and raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on global hunger has made a real difference!  Thank you for using your voice!

Although much work remains to ensure this commitment is translated into real action that reaches those who need it most, this is clear evidence that our voices are being heard. We can celebrate that.

You are invited to join Canadian Foodgrains Bank on June 29 to learn more about what the announcement means for us and what’s next!

  1. Environmental and Ecological Justice: For the Love of Creation I recently read (and I cannot remember the source) an interesting analysis of Christianity’s impact on planet Earth. It argued that pre-Christian peoples had a profoundly spiritual relationship with both the animate and inanimate elements of creation. Both, they believed, contained spirits, and the daily lives of humans involved rituals to thank these spirits for their role in sustaining human lives. Christianity’s insistence on one God disrupted the belief in a world filled with spiritual beings and, according to the writer, ultimately supported the exploitation and destruction of creation.

More recently, many Christians are working to re-connect with creation and seeking to restore a more just relationship with planet Earth. There are many on-line resources offering information and action items about environmental justice. Here are a few:

For the Love of Creation:


Watershed Discipleship:

Please take some time to explore and respond to these faith-based discussions of our relationship with Creation.


 Westworth United Church is Seeking a Director of Music

Westworth United Church is seeking a spiritually motivated and musically gifted Music Director.  Westworth has a long tradition of high quality musical programs and our congregation values excellence, participation and musical variety in worship.


Westworth United Church – Director of Music

(Part Time – Approx. 10 Hours/Week)

Church Summary:

Westworth United Church is seeking a spiritually motivated and musically gifted Music Director.  Westworth has a long tradition of high quality musical programs and our congregation values excellence, participation and musical variety in worship.  Our congregation currently has 316 members.

Position Summary

As an integral member of the ministry team, the part-time Music Director works very closely with the Ministerial staff, Organist and Worship Committee in co-ordinating Westworth’s music program.   The Director provides musical leadership to the volunteer Senior Choir and works collaboratively with our other volunteer led musical groups, which include a children’s choir, and a winds ensemble. Please see the following link for a full job description:

Applications can be sent by email to:

Subject:  Music Director Search Committee.

Please submit a cover letter and resume by June 28, 2021. If you have a link to your video/audio work, this may be helpful but not mandatory.


Canadian Council Of Churches

A Conversation: Acting Together in Canadian Churches to Observe

The International Decade for People of African Descent

Thursday June 24, 2021
6:00–7:30 PM

For More Information & Registration